PriPara - 63

<&Kuzu> so, i just crunched some numbers
<&Kuzu> they need to each snap 1.89 tickets per second to get to a million in 24.5 hours

Macross Delta 03 tonight tomorrow Soon™

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27 comments to PriPara – 63

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely based

  • Kei

    Thank you so much! ^^

  • Laric

    Oh my gosh it is here! Thank you so very much, you are a god!

  • bakaneko

    THANK YOU omg !!!!

  • Loli Cake

    SMC-subs just released episode 93. So PriPara is 30 episodes behind?

    • jakeman95

      That sounds about right for the start of S3, yes. And yes, we are behind, and mainly cause half of the people that say they’ll do things take ages. Luckally I’ve found a TS, but now I need to get a steady timer and get Jocko to get back to doing KFX for it.

  • Palea

    Thankyou so much for the work you’ve done on Pripara, its so much appreciated!! Here’s hoping for some more updates soon 😀

  • Meggie

    Thank you so much for all the hard work!!

  • Jeff

    I was wondering if the rest of the episodes (64-89) will be coming out. I would like to finish this season before I start on the 3rd season.

  • Roy

    Sorry to bother you, but is there any news on more pripara episodes?

  • Shiro

    Where the new Pri Para ep? cant focus on this one first? Cause it long way to go… rather than sub what already been sub… Not trying to be rude though. I respect you guys.

  • cryin

    makes me sad that one of my favorite shows will never get subbed

  • sadface

    I’m sad. Where are my CAPISCE?

  • FairlySeeU

    omg! Almost 2 months and still nothing. I’m starting to lose hope on this show to ever continue. I hate people who runs away from subbing without a reason. This is happening way too often now days.

  • Palea

    I mean, its possible that they just don’t have the staff to do it? I’d offer to help myself but I have no knowledge of subbing or coding or the language or anything! Please Doki, give us an update? Let us know if this is still alive, even if it means waiting?

    • Z4ST1N

      Jocko probably busy doin karaoke for 50 fansub groups at once. He’s on Macross too, so unless you like your songs gg-style.. or better yet, crunchyroll-style.

      Well idk, but they’d probably say something if the status had actually changed from “being worked on” to “inactive”. Going by Jakeman95’s comment, all staff are alive and well and PriPara has a full(?) crew.

      the guy above you made me lol. it’s easy to tell apart the people who aren’t used to the Doki way. It’s like their 3 commandments: 1) honorifics and JP name order 2) Vesta Pro Bold with black outline 3) Never start a show if you don’t intend to finish stall it

  • Kuro

    When will the next update?
    Just give a guess that fine.
    Is the update going to be daily or weekly or monthly or yearly?
    Is the update only 1 ep or few at once?
    Will Doki continue subbing season 3 too?
    Will Doki sub the movie too or unneeded?
    Well Thank you for subbing Pri Para.

  • Komaku

    To all those waiting on PriPara please here my suggestion.
    Should the wait be too much I recommend watching the RAWS up until episode 90. The wikipedia page for PriPara has a thorough explanation on what happens in every episode (which will give you context as to what happens) and basic understanding of the Japanese language should be more than enough to get you through a episode RAW.
    At the episode 90 mark the show is picked up by SMC-Subs and cover at least until episode 94 from the point I am writing this message. Should you wish to continue further to catch up completely I recommend using the wikipedia summaries and watching the RAWS once again.
    Thank you for your time.
    Let’s go PriPara!!

  • Kiri

    I got a similar suggestion as Komaku, but slightly different. Just continue watching PriPara in RAW. Not only will it slowly help you understanding japanese a little better (at least on the listening part), you will also be able to watch it the moment the RAW gets released! No waiting for subs.
    If you want a summary of the newest episode or a previous one, you can always visit a beautiful person’s blog! I’m not sure if links are possible/allowed on here, so just open Google and type in “midoninja pripara”. If a wordpress blog pops up – that’s where you go! She also has nice background infos on some episodes and wordplays, so I would definitely recommend going there!

    It’s a shame that nothing seems to be moving in terms of Subs for Pripara, whereas things like Bananyas and similar titles get picked up by Crunchyroll and get subbed the moment they air… PriPara has its silly moments, but that’s because it’s a damn kids show…but it’s a good kids show.

  • Palea

    I hope we get more subs soon, I miss this show

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