Tsukushi Mates - Chapter 41-50

Tsukushi Mates – Chapter 41-50

Edit: Derped 45, grab it here if you want it. Will do a batch torrent at like chapter 100 or something to fix any derps in the torrent versions.

So, back from Japan. Time to release stuff again.

Haven’t read any of the comments… Cos lazy. So if you had a request or anything post here and lemme know.

TLRD final vol and missing Plastic Memories coming soon™

Manga: [Doki] Tsukushi Mates – Chapter 41-50 [55531F5D].zip

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21 comments to Tsukushi Mates – Chapter 41-50

  • Guest

    Thanks for the update!
    There are something wrong with the page 45 (“Forgot”) – upper left corner, first image, unreadable text “May I sit next to you?” or like that (at the ear).

  • Colly

    >back from Japan. Time to release stuff again.

    >Rakudai bd soon? 🙂

  • vipo

    Thanks a lot!! 🙂

  • Rokudaime

    Thanks for all the great new chapters! ^^

  • Rokudaime

    Thanks for chapters 53-58! ^^ Chapters 54 and 55 have the same title btw, is that correct?

  • Kyouma

    Since you didn’t do the very first To Love Ru season: Which group do you recommend?

    Yesss, more Isla. Btw, what happened to Sakura Trick? Stalled?

    • We started s1 BDs iirc. I dunno other groups. Probably grab whoever scripts we are using I guess.

      Stalled @loomy4ever apparently. Master of excuses!

      • Kyouma

        Well, I looked at Chihiro’s version, and the padding of the subs was just meh (too used to the way you guys to stuff).

        Sorry, but, since you’re a timer of Doki, I have another question. I’m timing my subs with help of Doki’s timing guide, but I’m not sure about ending a line at a keyframe when you can still hear something after (sometimes before) it. How do you personally do it?

        • Apply the syllable rule. If the keyframe lies on the last syllable (ie there is half a syllable after the keyframe) you can end it at the keyframe.
          If there’s more than 1 syllable after the keyframe, apply normal leadout (don’t cut at the keyframe).
          The 1 syllable rule can be extended to 2 syllables if you have a very long line (one that is many seconds long).

      • We are using Yabai’s scripts I think.

    • Rokudaime

      Go with Final8 like I did. Their release is bluray, and uses Yabai’s subs. They’re the only group to have both of those things at the same time for this show (apart from Hi10, which is a group that strives to keep filesizes as low as possible, which, you know, hurts the video quality).

      If you want bluray without Yabai’s subs, then you’re shit out of luck.

      If you don’t care about bluray, then you can choose between Deadfish, Yabai, Muragen, Mamiko, and Chihiro. You already said you didn’t like Chihiro’s version (though their version gets good ratings on AniDB), and Deadfish also uses Chihiro’s subs. That leaves Yabai, Muragen, and Mamiko. I’m pretty sure Yabai would be the safest bet out of those three. It’s also the preferred archive release on BakaBT.

      So I’d say Final8, or Yabai if you don’t want/need bluray.

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