Sui Youbi - Chapter 15

Sui Youbi – Chapter 15

And back with volume 3 of Sui.

Apparently this volume is gonna be epic.

Manga: [Doki] Sui Youbi – Chapter 15 [69CC1D3B].zip

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7 comments to Sui Youbi – Chapter 15

  • Soluna

    LOve the misunderstandings; thanks for the chapter!

  • man00ver

    Yeah, it’s going to be good. Thanks!

  • mogu

    NOTICE: A lot of people seem to be confused, but this is a double chapter. It purposely does not resolve or explain everything. Don’t worry. It will all be answered in the following chapter.

  • Rokudaime

    Thanks! ^^ Interesting chapter!

    Today’s typo report:

    – Page 1, third panel on the left side: The “acting” in “Trying to acting nice even though we’re dating?” should be “act”.
    – Page 19, bottom panel: “It’s happeneing again”. Typo in “happening”.
    – Page 22, bottom panel: Typo on the note. The “strange” in “Strange person” is missing an “r”. It appears like that again on the next page though, so maybe it’s supposed to be like that?
    I’m assuming Sui’s “Thank” on page 21 is supposed to be like that, since she doesn’t speak Japanese very well (and speaks very little in general).

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