Mobamas - 21

346 Theatrical Productions Presents
A Secret Garden starring Honda Mio

On other news:

  • Our shipment of Imas CDs will arrive next week; ED lyrics will be updated in episode 22
    • “Dreaming!” is backordered and won’t ship until the 4th 🙁
  • Granblue Fantasy was announced to receive an anime adaptation, an English version, as well as a collaboration event with Side M
  • Saki didn’t win in Side M’s general election
  • Congratulations to Jocko for getting all three smiling SR+ in the last event
  • Jakeman95 wanted me to add a note about Starlight Stage’s release.

Insert song credits

  • Translator: Jakeman95
  • TLC: Uzuki/krym
  • Editor: Delwack
  • Timer: xMyth
  • Effects: Jocko

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