Mobamas - 19

Belated Ankira Birthday edition. Sorry for taking weeks with this episode, folks. There was more work involved in this episode than usual.

  • Jakeman95 wanted this for the release pic, and since there aren’t that many new idols in the episode, I went with it.
  • Mobamas Starlight Stage is out on Android!
    • Shiny Festa is still the best Imas rhythm game
  • SideM character poll is still going on. Be sure to vote for best trapboy Saki!

Additional credits

  • Typesetters: Uzuki, Jocko

Song Credits

  • Dekitate Evo! Revo! Generation
    • Translator: Jakeman95
    • TLC: Uzuki
    • Editor: Delwack
    • Timer: xMyth
    • Effects: Jocko
  • Rockin’ Emotion
    • Translator: krymsun00
    • Timer: xMyth
    • Effects: Jocko
  • Over
    • Translators: Jakeman95, Uzuki (new line in Heartbeat Version)
    • TLC: Uzuki
    • Editor: Delwack
    • Timer: xMyth
    • Effects: Jocko
  • Wonder goes on!!
    • Translator, Timer: Uzuki
    • Editor: Jakeman95
    • Effects: Uzuki/Jocko

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