PriPara – 53

I like Shion. – Jocko

um Toriko is the best thing to happen to PriPara. – DawnofMeat

Please note that Jakeman95 is currently hunting seals and whales in the north pole.

We are also looking for a new typesetter to replace Pikminiman for this show to take some workload off his shoulder and to get things moving on this series. If you are interested, please apply at or email Holo (see this page; he is not aware of this, though). Training will be provided, so no experience is necessary.

720p: [Doki] PriPara - 53 (1280x720 Hi10P AAC) [406E3B00].mkv

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480p: [Doki] PriPara - 53 (848x480 h264 AAC) [B99B82EC].mkv

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15 comments to PriPara – 53

  • EB

    Uh.. Leona is not a she.

    • ChocolaChan

      She actually uses female pronouns in the show, she is canonically a non-binary character (presumably a trans woman). Kudos to Doki for respecting that actually ♥ !

      • williukea

        So because Dorothy uses Boku and other male pronouns does that means she is a he?

      • SG

        That’s just flat-out not true. He uses watashi as his pronoun, and that’s as gender-neutral as it gets. It’s reasonable to assume that he’s somewhere on the LGBT spectrum, considering his general mannerisms and obvious crush on Mega-nii, but there’s nothing to suggest that he’s trans as opposed to gay or even bi. If anything, there’s more evidence that he’s NOT trans, since the only time he ever addresses his own gender is when he says that he’s a boy.

        I’ve been catching up on these episodes, and it just seems really weird that this keeps happening when the translator even admitted it was a mistake previously.

    • jakeman95

      Just wait until episode 57…

    • don

      Leona has stated that he is male.

  • ChocolaChan

    Thank you so so much for this release, I hope you manage to find a typesetter and reach the airing episodes once again!
    I wish I could help but definitely don’t even know what a typesetter does, oopsie…
    By the way, the PriPara movie BD is coming out in less than a month, are you willing to sub it 🙂 ? ‘Cause I really hope you do!

    • Pikminiman

      Typesetting in fansubs is when there is Japanese text on-screen that is relevant to the viewer’s understanding of the show, and so we put an English translation in the frame, usually in a way that makes it look like it belongs there along with the original text.

      If you really want to help us out with typesetting, you should know that we don’t expect any experience whatsoever from our recruits. If you want to help out and learn typesetting, we’re happy to teach you from the ground up. There are at least two very experienced typesetters in Doki who would like to take on a typesetting apprentice, so you would have teachers to help you every step of the way. Plus, you’d probably get to work on PriPara’s typesetting, which is complex enough that you would learn typesetting pretty well, but still simple enough that you wouldn’t be thrown into the deep end right away.

      As for the Pripara movie, I can neither confirm nor deny anything, but it’s definitely being talked about among our staff. I, as PriPara’s encoder, am still trying to figure out if it’s feasible for us to release a genuine stereoscopic 3D version of the film. No promises, though, so don’t be disappointed if that ends up not happening.

      • Kuzu

        The movie that has the BD coming out next month isn’t the one with a stereoscopic 3D version :/

        • HerbalNekoTea

          I don’t know what was going on with ep 51 encode but VLC 64bit started to going wild at 15min, using 40% process on my Core2Duo and was frameskipping. If you are going to do a 3D version, i also hope you do a shitty 720p encode so my toaster could run it, no way in hell my 12 years old square lcd screen would support a 10bit 1080p 3D encode, nor the CPU but my GPU would (only shit good in this toaster, which support 4K). Also thank for the episode, i hope it’s a good one.

    • jakeman95

      It depends on if I feel like doing it (I do) and if I have support of enough staff to do it and get caught up on the airing show. Right now I’d say it’s a 50/50.

  • Aroma

    Thank you. I waited Pripara so long.

  • Princess Parfait

    Thank you so much!
    This show is amazing, I sincerely like it and appreciate your hard work on it. All our pri-para lover’s hopes are set upon you!
    And that new ending oh~~

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