Mobamas – 15

>Usamin and Riina SR on gacha
>Spend 500 yen, get only rares
>Spend another 500 yen, get only rares
>Spend 500 yen
>Rainbow background, higher chance at SR
>Not even one of the gacha-limited SRs

Not much else happened lately about Imas, but we have the latest single, “Shine!!” ordered and expected later this week. We are also looking for a typesetter to help us with PriPara to take some workload off Pikminiman. Experience is not required.

Songs credits

  • Translators: Jakeman95 (OP – “Shine!!”), Uzuki (Insert – “Koi Kaze”, ED – “Yumeiro Harmony”)
  • TLC: Uzuki (OP)
  • Timer: xMyth (OP), Uzuki (Insert), Jocko (Additional lines in ED)
  • Editor: Jakeman95 (OP), Delwack (Insert, ED)
  • Effects: Jocko (OP, ED), Uzuki (Insert)

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