PriPara - 42

PriPara – 42

A plum by any other name would taste as sweet. – Jakeman95

<@Jocko> Jellyfish sophie best Precure
<@Jocko> I mean
<@Jocko> Pripara – Jocko

Sophie has made me realize that my Patronus would probably be a jellyfish. – Pikminiman

A side note regarding Mobamas episode 13: it was delayed due to staff unavailability and I have myself neglected it since I have shifted most of my attention to a side project after the show has finished airing. We are still working on the episode; we are redoing every song that appears in the episode that have since have their lyrics released no matter how short of a segment, which is basically all but one song in the episode, and should be able to provide a release within the next week or two.

In case that doesn’t satisfy your idol needs, here’s an ex-trap who made his debut in Side M yesterday.

TT Hijack: enjoy~

Kuzu edit: No, go away. I’m being serious here.

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