Recruiting editors v6

Well, only a fraction of editors remain from the last batch of editors I recruited (which was a while ago).

QC: Your job is to check the script for spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax. Your attention to detail should be second to none. I don’t expect perfection, but I do expect near perfection.

Edit: Your job is to take a translated script and change the awkward/literal English into smooth, natural English. The level of your English should be akin to that of a native speaker, preferably better than my English. (English is my second language.)
Your attention to detail should also be very good.

After sending me an email (, join You will be given a QC test, and if you pass, an edit test.

In your email, state your timezone and any info you feel supports your application. Previous experience in fansubbing is not a requirement, but willingness to learn and a level of dedication is.

Edit: Recruitment closed, no more emails please!

6 comments to Recruiting editors v6 (closed)

  • Rokudaime

    Make sure you don’t forget people and leave them hanging this time, like you did with me (I don’t know if there were others as well) during the previous QC/Editor recruitment drive. 😉 After I passed the QC test (with full marks I might add), I received the edit test, and handed that in to you, but you never did let me know how I fared (not even if I failed or not) on that one, nor was I ever hired, or received any further word on the matter. I kept hanging around the #doki-recruits channel every day (I received voice after passing the QC test) for god knows how many months, waiting to hear something, but it never came. And yes, I did poke some people in the channel asking about it. Eventually, much much later, after I quit my PR position, ixlone actually unvoiced me, and kicked me from the channel (which was fine, since I no longer had the time to potentially work as an Editor at that point anyway). Anyway, just saying.

  • Does Doki owner make money from doing all this? Or is Doki doing all this for fans, by fans? I’ll be here to see an answer.


  • Xen


    I understand the question will be dependant on the editor(s) and the show, but what’s the normal time spent on one show per week? (after you’re used to the work).


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