Yama no Susume Second Season – 10

Yama no Susume Second Season – 10

I was watching episode 9, and I was thinking that I really want to climb Mount Fuji one day. Then I saw this episode, and I am not so sure about it anymore.

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44 comments to Yama no Susume Second Season – 10

  • inb4 sausage-in-mouth comments

  • Termascur

    Zdm321, you see right through me.

    I’d feed her a sausage, if you know what I mean.

  • christantoan

    Seems like the ED is cut a little bit to the end

  • Belthazar

    I climbed Mount Fuji myself about four years ago. My friend and I were planning a similar itinerary, though we started late in the afternoon with the intention of climbing all night. Unfortunately, like Aoi, I wound up unable to continue – at a similar altitude, and for a similar reason, and just as I was starting to feel better, my friend got sick. We were on the Subashiri Trail, though, so even though we were at 3000 metres, it was only the 7th station.

    Like Kaede said, it always seems easier than it really is. I still think it’s worth trying, though, and perhaps someday I’ll be able to go back for another attempt.

    Aoi’s comment about how the next station always looks so close yet you never seem to get there is right on the money…

    • Kuzu

      Sounds interesting that you already (kinda) did a Yama no Susume pilgrimage. Also from the sounds of it, I won’t ever be able to make it to the summit if I go. >_>

      • Belthazar

        If (when?) I finally go back to Japan, I want to give Fuji another go, but I’ve certainly been taking notes from Yama no Susume for other mountains to try. Takao is right at the top of my list. =)

        Don’t let me discourage you, though. Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell (yet) who’s susceptible to altitude sickness and who isn’t, but make sure you acclimatise well, and then just keep going – one step at a time, one foot in front of the other.

        The descent’s fun, too. Still waiting to see if they show it in the next episode or so. =)

        • jakeman95

          When I was in JP about 2 years ago, I went to the 5th station in this episode. It was quite neat and I did several “touristy things”; though, I did not actually climb Fuji as I was just there on one of those pre-planned trips. Was still neat, and I’d give it a go if I had other people to go with that could climb it.

          • Rawr

            You’re right about wanting a group to climb Fuji, all the coverage on NHK World seems to recommend you go in a group incase you get into any difficulties.

            This one show covered a small group hiking up to the summit to witness the sunrise, it looked amazing.

          • Belthazar

            I saw an episode of something on NHK World about Fuji, not sure if it’s the same series as you were watching. Journeys in Japan, maybe? Might have to watch that again sometime, if I can find it…

          • Rawr

            Sorry I’m not sure what the program was called. It was just on as I was having dinner lol

    • KleinIsFijn

      I climbed it six years ago when I was in Japan. After taking the last bus to the fifth station in the evening I started climbing around ten in the evening. Took me less time than expected and I arrived around three at night at the top. It was two days after the official climbing season had ended (busses were still running) so it was pretty quiet.

      It was freezing cold at the top, but the sunrise was worth it.

      Seeing it all back makes me wanna climb it again.

      • Belthazar

        Congrats. =)

        Were the huts still open after the official climbing season? I’ve heard it can get unpleasently crowded at the top of the climbing trails in the early morning, which is one concern I’ve had about re-doing the climb, but if you can go just outside the climbing season and still have access to the hut facilities and foods…

        But oh boy, was it cold. I had two jumpers on, jumpers which I didn’t touch at all for the remainder of my trip in Japan because it was between thirty and forty degrees at ground level. One of my fellow climbers gave me a pocket warmer (albeit, after we’d stopped and were about to head back down). =)

        • I thought climbing wasn’t allowed outside of climbing season?

          • KleinIsFijn

            There is a bit of a gray area a couple of days after the end of the ‘official’ season. Busses still run, huts are still open, but it’s not as crowded as normal. In the middle of the night there were times I was walking alone, no person in sight.

            Official climbing season ends somewhere at the end of August. If you go on the first days of September pretty much everything is still open. Climbing after mid September isn’t allowed.

          • Rawr

            Isn’t it the snow or something that prevents people climbing after the ‘official’ season?

          • KleinIsFijn

            Last year it started snowing on Fuji around mid October.

          • Rokudaime

            Lol, they have rules forbidding you to climb the mountain outside of season? I guess it’s to prevent unprepared/unexperienced people from getting themselves into danger/trouble, but still…Japanese and their (to a Norwegian like me) funny laws. 😛

            Come to Norway, we have mountains that, while not as tall as Mt.Fuji, are far more dangerous, and yet, nobody’s going to stop you if you decide to scale the worst ones in the middle of the coldest and toughest part of winter, all by yourself. When it comes to venturing out into nature, we mostly go wherever we want, whenever we want in this country. And Norway is one of the most mountainous countries in the world.

  • jmhkk001

    “I was watching episode 9, and I was thinking that I really want to climb Mount Fuji one day. Then I saw this episode, and I am not so sure about it anymore.”

    ^ Same here ._.

  • That two foreigners, Michael and Jennifer, so talkative.

  • Volbla

    Remember when that guy asked you to do that thing? And you said no!

  • goku23

    just wanted 2 know when r ya realasing akame ga kill eps?

  • Knwtmsyn

    Thanks for this. Are you guys also planning to do OVA 3 of Ika mususe?

  • SailorMooCrystal

    When subs for Sailor Moon Crystal episode 5 will be out ?

  • kira

    any News about machine doll ?

  • MaTTtheman

    The deal with the American couple is that the Japanese often consider Americans to be obnoxiously loud. Hence having to shush them down that late at night. “That thing” must be something Americans do all the time that they find either funny or fascinating.

  • WishnuKun

    Please next it >.< I'm still waiting for episode 11 and 12

  • mitsuian

    When will episode 10 and 11 be out? Thank you!

  • troll

    Still waiting for episode 11 and 12. When will it be available?

  • MaTTtheman

    Yes, please, 11 and 12?

  • WishnuKun

    Please continue it XD just this fansubs working on Yama no Susume S2.. please please please please!!!

  • Cliff

    Fuck it i’m going in raw. I cannot wait any longer

  • MaTTtheman

    “Yama no Susume S2


  • MaTTtheman

    Why is it delayed?

    • japierdole

      who cares, yesterday it said (still says):
      “Yama no Susume S2
      Tomorrow” so it should be today

      • MaTTtheman

        Well, I’m certain that how this works is when you decide to get into fansubbing, you have a show that you really like and you somehow decide you might want to try and help. Sorry, I should have worded my upsetness differently.

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