Mousemats/Boobmats/Cushion Covers (2014)

Final batch of 24cm mousemats added (Railgun and Nanoha mainly). Click here.

Cushions added. Click here.

Thanks for participating in this round of fundraising for servers. The mousemats in the catalogue are no longer available, nor can you request any more custom ones. Anything else you see are fair game.

However, I do have some good news, I may be able to repeat this sooner than this time next year, depending on how logistics work out in China.

Emails with final confirmation about postage and payment will be sent out tomorrow, so look out for it. In the meantime, make double check that you have emailed me your address.

Pricing structure will be similar to last year:

24cm Mousemat
Buy 1 = 7.00 GBP each
Buy 2-3 = 6.50 GBP each
Buy 4-5 = 6.00 GBP each
Buy 6+ = 5.50 GBP each (Postage may get hefty though, due to weight!)

Buy 1 = 17.00 GBP each
Buy 2-3 = 16.50 GBP each
Buy 4+ = 16.00 each (Postage may get hefty though, due to weight!)

Discounts also work if (for example) you buy 1x 24cm mousemat and 1x boobmat.

Cushion covers
Buy 1 = 12.00 GBP
Buy 2 = 11.50 GBP
Buy 3+ = 11.00 GBP

Payment Methods:
Paypal is preferred. Be aware that Paypal may deduct a fee (like always), so you may have to send a little more.
A direct bank transfer is preferred if you’re in the UK, just to avoid transfer fees! Also possible if you’re in the EU, but I think (maybe) there’s a fee for that.

I would prefer payment in GBP (UK Pounds). If your Paypal is unable to convert your local currency into GBP before sending to me, I will accept USD or Euros (Google exchange rate applies). Do let me know in your email if you are unable to pay in GBP.

They’re being posted from China, so it will be different from last year.
Bear in mind that each 24cm mousemat is ~100-150g, the 30cm mousemats are double that, and boobmats a bit more.

My estimate on postage is:
2 GBP for 1 mousemat (24cm)

Obviously if you get more than 1 mousemat, the postage per mat will drop considerably.

I will be visiting the post office to get more concrete details on postage, so check back later.

Also, having got feedback from last year, I will make sure the parcels/envelopes are better sealed/packed this year. Every item is sealed separately though, so there’s no need to worry too much.

Make a comment in this post, stating which item you want. This is so that other people know that the item is no longer available, in case I don’t update quickly enough.

Send me an email at stating the following:
– Which items you want
– Your method of payment
– Your address

I will then get back to you confirming your order.

Remember items are first come first serve, so things may not still be available as sometimes I don’t update quickly enough.

This post will be updated with more stock within the next few days, so keep coming back to check!

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