Mousemats/Boobmats/Cushion Covers (2014)

Final batch of 24cm mousemats added (Railgun and Nanoha mainly). Click here.

Cushions added. Click here.

Thanks for participating in this round of fundraising for servers. The mousemats in the catalogue are no longer available, nor can you request any more custom ones. Anything else you see are fair game.

However, I do have some good news, I may be able to repeat this sooner than this time next year, depending on how logistics work out in China.

Emails with final confirmation about postage and payment will be sent out tomorrow, so look out for it. In the meantime, make double check that you have emailed me your address.

Pricing structure will be similar to last year:

24cm Mousemat
Buy 1 = 7.00 GBP each
Buy 2-3 = 6.50 GBP each
Buy 4-5 = 6.00 GBP each
Buy 6+ = 5.50 GBP each (Postage may get hefty though, due to weight!)

Buy 1 = 17.00 GBP each
Buy 2-3 = 16.50 GBP each
Buy 4+ = 16.00 each (Postage may get hefty though, due to weight!)

Discounts also work if (for example) you buy 1x 24cm mousemat and 1x boobmat.

Cushion covers
Buy 1 = 12.00 GBP
Buy 2 = 11.50 GBP
Buy 3+ = 11.00 GBP

Payment Methods:
Paypal is preferred. Be aware that Paypal may deduct a fee (like always), so you may have to send a little more.
A direct bank transfer is preferred if you’re in the UK, just to avoid transfer fees! Also possible if you’re in the EU, but I think (maybe) there’s a fee for that.

I would prefer payment in GBP (UK Pounds). If your Paypal is unable to convert your local currency into GBP before sending to me, I will accept USD or Euros (Google exchange rate applies). Do let me know in your email if you are unable to pay in GBP.

They’re being posted from China, so it will be different from last year.
Bear in mind that each 24cm mousemat is ~100-150g, the 30cm mousemats are double that, and boobmats a bit more.

My estimate on postage is:
2 GBP for 1 mousemat (24cm)

Obviously if you get more than 1 mousemat, the postage per mat will drop considerably.

I will be visiting the post office to get more concrete details on postage, so check back later.

Also, having got feedback from last year, I will make sure the parcels/envelopes are better sealed/packed this year. Every item is sealed separately though, so there’s no need to worry too much.

Make a comment in this post, stating which item you want. This is so that other people know that the item is no longer available, in case I don’t update quickly enough.

Send me an email at stating the following:
– Which items you want
– Your method of payment
– Your address

I will then get back to you confirming your order.

Remember items are first come first serve, so things may not still be available as sometimes I don’t update quickly enough.

This post will be updated with more stock within the next few days, so keep coming back to check!

143 comments to Mousemats/Boobmats/Cushion Covers (2014)

  • Denkou

    IMG_0326.JPG for me if availlable

  • tbo

    I, uh… I don’t recognize these characters. I’m going to need titles.

  • Aser

    I dont understand.

    Boobmats are $17 GBP each and:
    17.00 Pounds Sterling equals 180.34 Chinese Yuan (XE Currency)

    I can get these EXACT Boobmats in China for like $30 Chinese Yuan(inc.shipping) and:
    30.00 Chinese Yuan equals 2.82 Pounds Sterling (XE Currency)

    You are earning a fortune selling these, and don’t even go into international shipping and other fees etc since you said these are being shipped from China exactly where they are being made for a very cheap price in bulks. I really don’t see why you are selling these for so much and why people are actually willing to buy them.

    • Rawr

      While I have no idea how much these cost to make, no one sells anything at cost price. Pretty much every retailer or seller in the world makes a decent amount on anything they sell.

      Also, if these things are only available at cost price in mainland china itself, then Holo is doing people a favour, as people would have to physically travel to the country to buy them cheap.

    • You’re right, I am making a profit, but that money is going towards servers and other fansubbing costs over the next YEAR.

      I’m not going to ask for donations of that amount.

      Also, for some people buying in some places in the world, there is no where else to buy and the amount I am asking is quite reasonable compared to places that would sell them, like in expo’s and stuff.

      If you have further queries, email me about it, I am happy to discuss it with you. If you don’t want to buy stuff, no one is forcing you either.

  • Denkou

    In case you forgot, this is to fund some servers.

  • Sternind

    I have two images about Fate Series that could be nice :

    I also think about some Black Rock Shooter Mousemats, I have this image in mind :

    Well, even if some disagree, thx for doing this and for your hard work!

  • OniAisu

    I would also be interested in some daki covers.
    But I’ve seen them in a few materials.
    The regular one you seem to find everywhere is a heavy polyester type thing. Smooth and plasticy-feeling. (Not liking this one.)

    The other is very light/thin and takes the shape of the pillow. It’s a soft/rough thing. (only been able to find this in magazine extras, like august 2011 issue of G’s Festival) Best stuff to use. Whatever it is.

    And then there’s another one that seems to be just cotton. also soft and whatnot, in between the other two. it’s also acceptable.

    …anyways, I’d buy some covers as long as it’s not the usual polyester-blend stuff.

  • Sternind

    Well, since the image of Black Rock Shooter has been deleted, here is a new one :
    And sorry for double post.

  • Aser

    Its true and I agree that no retailer will ever sell the item at its cost price since they won’t earn any profit. I too sell anime merch during my free time so I understand.

    People can always use proxy’s if they want to buy from another country, and I won’t post them on here because it would affect Holo’s sales. But im just saying, using proxies you will only need to pay the item’s cost, int shipping fee, and a commission fee.

    I see, if the money is going to support Doki Subs as a whole I have no problem with you selling them at all, hell I even want to buy one now to support you guys as I do love your subs and hard work you guys have done thru out these years. I initially just thought you were selling these for your own benefit.

    Oh well, good luck with the sales.

  • Mistborn

    I’d like a mousemat from Henneko… (Tsukiko)
    However, I didn’t find any images of the mousemats themselves, and I’m loathe to buy one without seeing it…

    • Rawr

      If you type in mousemat on the search area, you should see examples of a type of mousemat Holo is selling. I would assume he’s using the same source as he has done in previous years.

  • rs

    Try waiting for the time the images are released then. Could by any day now.

  • Tim

    I don’t really want a boob mat. If I did I’d want a character I recognise. I don’t remember any of the characters left.

  • Denkou

    Didn’t have time to look too much in detail since I’m at work, but how do we see if it’s 24cm or 30cm?

    These are all 24 cm.

  • gxblin

    Will there be another batch of 24cm mousemats?

  • Denkou

    Ah thank you, any ETA for the 30cm list?

  • gxblin

    O yes, there is definitely plenty to choose from as of now. I was mainly wondering b/c I am working with a budget. I’m eyeing a few mats already but wanted to wait in case series like monogatari, nisekoi, kill la kill, Servant x Service, Mangaka-san, etc… will be posted.

  • rs

    If so, then I’d like to ask if there is a possibility to already reserve some mousemats in advance, so that I could later add more if I desired.

    If not, I’m perfectly happy with being patient.

  • shiku

    I’d take S-AB287.jpg and S-CL206, but I’ll probably want an Space Brothers one and a 30cm mousemat as well, so… What should I do? I’d want to buy all them together.

  • shiku

    Wait, I see, I should e-mail you.

  • Biribiri =3

    I’ll take…(ogod I want so many but i’ll have to limit myself…almost like a steam sale)


  • OniAisu

    Oh, oh damn. there’s so many…
    S-SB591 saber extra
    S-SB365 light/dark
    S-SB271 dark saber/sakura
    S-SB244 sabers
    S-SB19 Fate/Extra
    S-SB146 saber
    S-SB106 ilya/berserker
    S-SB103 saber/shirou
    S-SB115 unlimited codes

    … just wish there was more Ilya…

    and those were all 24? Guess I’ll wait for the 30s.

  • schumac

    I would take S-CL209.jpg, if it is still available ?

  • gxblin

    I’ll reserve the following:


    Planning on buying more as you update.

  • Sternind

    I think i’ll get the following ones :

    I send you an mail right away.

  • rs

    I would like to reserve:


    I am certainly able to buy more when more updates are made.

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