Sailor Moon Crystal - 01

Sailor Moon Crystal – 01

So, this show is out the door!

This is a show that airs once every two weeks every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, so that means no episode next week.

It’s yet another show about magical girls! And the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon. A lot of the staff wanted to do this, because it brings back memories and was the place where some of us started with anime.

And here is the team!

  • Sailor Moon: Orillion –
  • Sailor Mercury: Termascur
  • Sailor Pluto: biki –
  • Sailor Mars: heyman –
  • Sailor Neptune: RedFive –
  • Sailor Venus: Psi_Kiya_Trist –
  • Sailor Saturn: Pikminiman –
  • Sailor Jupiter: Aieon –

Hope you enjoy it, we all sure did!

720p: [Doki] Sailor Moon Crystal - 01 (1280x720 Hi10P AAC) [306B2458].mkv

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480p: [Doki] Sailor Moon Crystal - 01 (848x480 h264 AAC) [61B507BF].mkv

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33 comments to Sailor Moon Crystal – 01

  • A Certain Psi Ann Tific Railgun

    YAY It’s finally released! <3 <3

  • Muchas gracias, son los mejores :v

  • Cute Anon

    Orillion doing an original TL?


  • Rawr

    Thankyou for this 🙂

    Also I like the idea of episodes every 2 weeks, it helps the studio maintain a high level of quality if anything.

  • Myfistus

    ^Also gives doki enough time to have the episode finished before the next one airs.

  • Knwtmsyn

    Is this any good? Is it similar to the original series?

  • Miko

    Sweet! Thank you for this!

    This is totally different from the original series. It is supposed to be much closer to the manga and not have random filler. Not sure how in-depth it goes but if it is like the manga, it should be worth it!

  • Some Guy

    Interesting – I remember watching the oldschool version when it came to YTV in Canada back in mid 90’s (was about 15 – 16), used to be a huge fan of it.

    Nowadays it feels so melodramatic and bad though, lol. 🙂 But maybe it was the eng VO’s – maybe in jp it’ll be better again. (esp. if this version is a remake)

  • Tallon

    Saw the first episode. It is almost a carbon copy of the original series with just updated graphics and improved sound and voice acting. Too bad they didn’t keep the original soundtrack. It was a very good one. On a more personal note. I am NOT fond of the new character design. It came out somewhat extremely creepy. It’s nice that they’re keeping the story similar to the manga, but I wish they’d modernize it a little bit, you know fill in the holes that old series tend to have while keeping it true to the manga.

    sorry for the rant I just needed to get that off my chest.

    no matter how cheesy the original series is. Since it’s something I grew up with. It’ll be on a really high pedestal and SM Crystal has a lot to live up to. I’ll give it a few more episodes before I judge it, but first impression is a little disapointing.

  • Kuro Usagi

    no sailor uranus in the team?

    Thanks anyway <3

  • Tiberium Wolf

    I am not going to watch it. I rather keep my old memories of the show.

  • Santa-san

    Thanks for doing this guys ^_^

  • Alter Zero

    Doki be proud your doing this show, it’s a true classic, this might have also been the first anime I ever watched, brings back many good memories!…

    For those who don’t know I’d call Usagi the Queen of all magical girls hence Sailor Moon should be at the top of anyone’s list when it comes to this particular genre!…

    I was surprised it looks so much like the original show, I would have loved a complete remake but this isn’t bad at all!…

    I hope the makers intercalate Moonlight Densetsu like Saint Seiya’s ones did back in the Sanctuary arch some time ago!…

    It will take almost forever to complete the show but hey, I’ve got no hurry after all!… ^_^

  • Minako

    I was a big fan of Sailor Moon back then, and I was kind of excited when they announced the new Sailor Moon series.

    However, already from watching the screenshot here, I’m seriously disturbed, because it looks just plain awful, e.g.:
    – Proportions are totally messed up. The upper half of her body is only 1/3 at most, the lower half (starting with her skirt) is 2/3.
    – Skirt is WAY too long.
    – Also, the one thing I hate most are fat girls (Hall of shame: e.g. Sonico in the recent anime), but giving Usagi match-thin legs also looks awful.

    This does not bode well, and I’m hesitant now if I really want to watch this (and probably find some more flaws). The original had none of these flaws, take a look here:

    I don’t know what vile demon possessed them to produce this awful travesty.

  • Alter Zero

    Remember Clamp!?… Well, there are more studios which like deformed designs, surely makes them less hot but then you have to use your mind and imagine them really beautiful!… ^_^

  • Rokudaime

    Ugh, super girly anime with match stick/noodle people ( character designs? I can’t watch this…

    • Rawr

      You should give it a chance, it’s quite good. And if you haven’t watched XxxHolic, watch that too. The stories more than make up for the character designs(Which I don’t mind anyway). I personally went for holic after learning it ties in with Tsubasa Chronicles(Which Clamp are continuing soon).

      • Rokudaime

        There’s no such thing as making up for that design as far as I’m concerned. I can’t watch something so ugly. I just can’t. Also, I don’t believe you when you say it’s good. It just looks silly to me. And anyway, you like stuff like Precure, so I can’t take your opinions on anime seriously dude. Sorry.

  • Amy

    Those rumours are wrong. This is more closely based on the manga then the original anime was.
    Pluto, Uranus, Neptune and Saturn showing up will depend how much of the story gets used for SMC.

    It is also not “every 2 weeks”, it is the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month. There are 4 months with 5 Saturdays, hence those months will have 3 week gaps between eps. Ep 25 and 26 will screen next July.

  • Because this show isn’t oversubbed enough, Doki hops in the bandwagon, eh?

  • Kotori

    Liked the original series, but those matchstick limb chara designs are just too damn ugly… can’t get myself to watch it! -_-;;

    btw, about the poll on the left:
    “Best intro from my childhood!”

    Shame on you for leaving out the best series (best intro at least), which is Captain Future!

  • Not Amused

    And here I was getting excited about new Sailor Moon stuff getting released, just to find out that it has UGLY match stick designs… where’s a puke bag when you need one? -_-;;

    Original chara designs were fine. Okay, they could’ve modernised them a bit, but instead, they turned them into this gross garbage.

    I am so NOT amused here.

  • Termascur

    For those bitching about the art, it looks much more like the manga. Kinda like how it follows the plot of the manga more than the original anime. That means we get Mercury next episode instead of 7 more episodes of Moon dicking around by herself.

  • got.haxed

    so if its out the door it means no more of this right?
    like you’re not going to sub anymore….

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