Akame ga Kill! - 01

Akame ga Kill! – 01

A good ep 1, let’s hope it doesn’t go Guilty Crown.


  • Translator: Rose_t
  • Translation Checker: mit
  • Typesetting: innocenat
  • Encoder/Editor: anonymlol
  • QC: odinigh
  • Timer/K-timer/Project Leader: ixlone

HD: [Doki] Akame ga Kill! – 01v2 (1280×720 Hi10P AAC) [7A646A41].mkv

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SD: [Doki] Akame ga Kill! – 01v2 (848×480 h264 AAC) [E23D1BAB].mkv

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30 comments to Akame ga Kill! – 01

  • NopiSoul

    Awsome, thanks!, its such a good Manga, hope the anime is good too.

  • Dusk

    The one that I hope doesn’t go “Guilty Crown” is Aldnoah.Zero. This one, I have a lot of confidence in it, even though I didn’t bother picking up the source material when I had the chance a few years ago.

  • Haooke

    Compared this release with the Asenshi/Vivid one, and this is so much better, holy shit.

    Thanks Doki staff.

  • SomeGuy

    This is a good series, I have read the Manga. Thanks for doing this. BTW what’s with this “A good ep 1, let’s hope it doesn’t go Guilty Crown.” – Guilty Crown is a Anime Original and they have absolutely nothing in common.

    Anyway for those who have read this Manga, I wanted to ask – have you ever wondered why is it Akame ga Kill! when Akame doen’t seem to have any really special role yet and the other reason [can’t say this else it will be spoiler].

    • Who said they had anything in common? I said I hope it doesn’t
      go to shit 😀

      Also, since when does something been based of a manga mean that the anime adaptation is going to be any good, as opposed to an original anime? See Zetman, FMA adaptations as an example and the plethora of Noitamina shows that are original and good!

  • Rawr

    Thanks, I’ll check this series out, I noticed it was quite hyped by people.

  • lunacy

    someguy probely of her history that is gone be explaind akame ga kiru zero

    and if it follows manga it wont be like guilty crown atleasst for now

  • Bouncy

    The last bit where he killed the girl is my complaint for the episode, it should have been made more dramatic. Also, it is weird seeing Tatsumi with brown hair, I always though he was better with white.

  • SomeGuy

    @ixlone – I get it, simple thing is read Manga. Some Anime Original are very good – Code Geass, Guarren Lagan.

    And I said they had nothing in common, so as to tell you it is never going to go Guilty Crown way.

    PS: I didn’t meant to offend anyone, I am grateful to Doki for doing this. I am loyal Doki Subs leecher.

  • DM1138

    I think he was just meaning that Guilty Crown started out looking awesome and then….


  • fufu

    hopeless noob here, can somebody explain what going guilty (crown) means? gc isn’t particularly bad imho.

  • Jay-Kun

    After comparing subs I gotta say these were a bit weaker. I’ve enjoyed all the Doki releases I’ve watched so far, but a few words really stuck out. A few examples were “Headman” and “I’ll sue her” I will say I’m glad this release had honorifics.

  • Dusk

    Not to cut into your discussion, but Guilty Crown was also a Noitamina show. Just saying. Peace out.

  • gars

    I think they just said that because you used noitaminA original series as examples for good original anime, but Guilty Crown was also an original anime on noitaminA.

  • zorrodood

    She looks like Shino from SYD.

  • Armada33

    Guys any good group fansubbing aldnoah? Vivid-Watashi is doing it but they are dropping out the honorifics 🙁 Otherwise they are doing a fine job. And no not Commie or Horriblesubs plz…

  • Femto Zeta

    ~11:14 “[…]you can see the the palace,[…]”

  • billy

    some times with anime your forced to go with commie though atleast for me after i take 2 showers

  • Sekai Rim

    the manga is quite good. hope the anime don’t go shit. but then, most manga series that got their turn to go anime usually go shit if the manga is still ongoing… we’ll see

  • ReprovedReaper

    Man this was dark, really dark. I looked it up on Anime News Network before I dowloaded it to get a sense of what is was about and it seemed like it would be brutal, but I was still taken by surprise. I didn’t expect that much horrific scenery in the first episode.

  • Armada33

    09:13 – “Leave is to us.” Minor typo there, guys…

  • Katsu

    It won’t be a second Guilty Crown, read the manga chapter 1 and then watch the animated version, you will be quite impress.

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