Mousemats (July 2014)

Mousemats are coming back in July! I will be getting new designs, as well as selling other things like boobmats/cushion covers as well. For mousemats, I will sell 24cm and 30cm ones like last year.

After our paypal got banned, donations have been drying up since people seem to not want to email me to ask for the new paypal address. Funds from last year are keeping us going, but that’ll dry up in a couple of months, so it’s important that we raise more money this summer.

I am not taking specific requests for designs this year, but you can comment and request some shows which you would like me to stock.

I’ll post more details of what will be available for sale in July. For an idea of how much they will cost, pricing of mousemats will be similar to last year. I have yet to decide how boobmats will be priced, but obviously they’ll cost more than regular mousemats. But again, the more you buy, the more of a discount there will be, like last year.

Thanks for supporting us!

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