Mousemats (July 2014)

Mousemats are coming back in July! I will be getting new designs, as well as selling other things like boobmats/cushion covers as well. For mousemats, I will sell 24cm and 30cm ones like last year.

After our paypal got banned, donations have been drying up since people seem to not want to email me to ask for the new paypal address. Funds from last year are keeping us going, but that’ll dry up in a couple of months, so it’s important that we raise more money this summer.

I am not taking specific requests for designs this year, but you can comment and request some shows which you would like me to stock.

I’ll post more details of what will be available for sale in July. For an idea of how much they will cost, pricing of mousemats will be similar to last year. I have yet to decide how boobmats will be priced, but obviously they’ll cost more than regular mousemats. But again, the more you buy, the more of a discount there will be, like last year.

Thanks for supporting us!

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  • Ero_Yatsu

    Yin from Darker than Black or Mikan/Nana/Yami from TLR.


    Don’t know if it would be possible for you to set up an account via paygarden ( If you had an account, folks could donate with old gift cards. From what they say, each payment is 100% anonymous to the payer, so there is no need for accounts or things like that. I’m sure they take their cut from the payment, but it might be worth looking into, and you wouldn’t have to do the runaround way with paypal. Plus when Christmas comes around, you might make a killing with the small gift card people get or have small balances after their purchases. Just an Idea, it is used by some VPN sites for anonymous payment methods, so I know it worked for me when I pay.

  • shiku


    The mousemat I got from the last time still does its job, but I’ll surely buy *at least* a pair of 30cm mousemats.

    I don’t think the idea will success, but an Ace Attorney mousemat would be awesome 😛

    AnoHana, Steins;Gate, Space Brothers, Railgun, Angel Beats!, Kill la Kill, Little Busters!, Monogatari Series… There’s a lot I would insta-buy, certainly.

    Anyway, I hope It’s a great success, as the last time.

    PS: Sorry about my English!

  • Biribiri =3

    I’ve been having wrist pains in recent months (guess the years of constant gaming/fapping is taking their toll) so I would kill for a biribiri boobmat…like srsly…Name your price.

    I think this comes up on every donation post but you may wanna consider taking doge/ltc/btc donations (doge would probably get the most traction tho as I dont think anyone who mines/trades ltc/btc gives them away).

    I personally mine doge and would be willing to throw some at you guys every week/month. the Dogecoin community on a whole is very generous with tips/donations so it may be a viable way to supplement atleast some costs.

    • Accepting cryptocurrencies is something that I’d realistically consider, but then how many Doge would you have to donate for it to realistically be worth anything when converted to USD/GBP? And is the process of converting a hassle?

  • Redneck

    Be sure to snag a picture of those boob-pads from the side.
    We need to see the size of the boob, since placing konyuu on hinyuu characters is just criminal.

  • Rawr

    Speaking of donations, is there no way you can use something that people can readily donate too without much effort? I’m not interested in a mousemat personally but yeah sorry to hear about the lack of donations.

    • Tbh sending me an email isn’t that much extra effort, but lately I’ve noticed that people can’t be bothered to do it…

      (Big thanks to the people who do bother, of course!)

  • le me

    Requesting Gunslinger Girl mousemats :3
    Not Anime, but Babymetal ( & Death Rabbits) mousemats would be appreciated, too 😉
    And while I’m at it, Lucky Star (Kagami!) & Canaan are fine, too.

  • Ero_Yatsu

    And Eu/Haruna from Kore Ha Zombie Desuka? !

  • Shana❤

    Requesting Shana and Sora from Yosuga mousepads, preferably boob ones lol.

  • Santa-san

    Super Sonico for the boobwin O_O

  • Nermie

    And of the girls from TLR would be fine for an oppad (though specifically Yui \o/). I’d be interested if this were the case.

  • kyocat64

    I know everyone hates on Guilty Crown and I didn’t agree with it too much either, however my favorite girl(Shinomiya Ayase) is from that show and it sucks because there’s is hardly anything good for her online. If you could make a boob mousepad for her I’d love you long time 😀

  • Ishiko

    Medaka from Medaka Box would be nice or Aika or Hakaze from Zetsuen no Tempest.

  • Myfistus

    Misaka oppai mousemats? Blasphemy! Blasphemy!

    • Small oppai are still oppai! Don’t discriminate!

      • Rokudaime

        Ye, but isn’t Mikoto supposed to be completely wasboard flat? With that in mind, I don’t think even that mousepad is a realistic depiction. Is it even physically possible to make an oppai mousepad for Mikoto and still be true to the source material? To be honest I don’t think she has enough chest for it lol. 😛

  • Knwtmsyn

    Nichijou designs would be great please! I’d definitely be inclined to buy cute designs more than I would anything erotic. We need cute ones with wrist rests though.

  • Biribiri =3

    Right now I think its around 2100-2150 doge to 1 USD. For reference I mine about 2900-3500 doge every day with a rather small rig (only 2 gpus running 24/7)

    As for converting, its not that complicated…seems more so then it is. Find a reputable exchange ( is a big one, is one my friend uses, and there are a bunch of others but I cant recall any off the top of my head) register an account, and you’d probably want to convert the doge to btc first then sell it instead of just selling the doge straight up. Then you can sell the BTC…I know coinmkt can do online payments or snailmail, im not sure if cryptsy offers both or not

    • So we’re talking roughly over $1 a day. I suppose if a couple of people mined 24/7, and donated those coins, it could work. I mean, assuming a monthly goal of $85, if half was achieved from normal donations and the other half crypto, that’s $40 from crypto, which looks doable.

      However mining isn’t free! What about your electricity costs? I mined LTC 24/7 on a R9 290 for a while a couple of months back and the bill soared lol.

  • Biribiri =3

    ^not sure why that didnt get posted under you Holo but w.e

  • Shiro-Kami

    I want the Mio one and when did Biribiri get boobs lol

  • Techno

    Yay! Oppai pads!
    Almost anything works.
    Sena from Boku Wa, Charlotte Dunois from IS or Tsuruya would be awesome.

  • Breedo

    After years of seeing them referred to as 3-d Mousemats I now will think boobmats. I think that’s by far more appropriate and don’t know how I haven’t come across such a reference before. Someone should register the domain name if the trolls haven’t. lol boobmats, I love it!

  • twdarkeh

    I already leave my PC on 24/7, so if anyone wants to give me a guide on how to mine doge, I’d be willing to do it. I like this site and would hate to see it go away due to lack of funds to sustain it.

    • Don’t worry, this site will never go away, even if there are no funds. It just makes it easier on my finances if I got support from the fans, that’s all!

  • Biribiri =3

    Personally for me my electricity bill is already really low since I dont really use any aside from my gaming rig and the fridge, so the jump wasnt too much of a hassle when I hooked up a mining rig.

    im mostly just mining for fun and incase the price spikes to like 1cent=1doge in 2years or so…while incredibly unlikely, would give me alot of extra spending cash.

    I guess in the end it all depends on how many people visiting the site are actually into/know about crypto….maybe put up a poll to see if its worth further looking into?

  • Biribiri =3

    gdi the reply button is trolling me so hard.

  • zik

    yay. boobmat.

    any chances you could list the price?

    I want Asuna from SAO with the 30cm and Narusegawa Naru from Love Hina! 30cm. let me know the pricing.

  • DM1138

    Tohsaka Rin for the Win^^

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