Saki Zenkoku-hen - 04

Saki Zenkoku-hen – 04

Koromo is so happy that xUnknownOrchestra is all better! And so are we.
First of all big thanks to xUnknownOrchestra and mit for helping me with the ED!

There is a mahjong term in this episode which is kind of hard to translate, so we’ll just link a wiki page explaining it. The word is “Suji” and it’s a form of defense in mahjong. Suji Defense.

ShijouTakane has some serious issues deciding best girl, and also what NTR is.

[21:16] <&ShijouTakane> Nodoka x Komari when?
[21:16] <&Orillion|Work> Probably when Nodoka gets to play
[21:16] <&Orillion|Work> Then Komaki is all “omg soulmate”
[21:16] <&Orillion|Work> And waits for her at the room
[21:16] <&Orillion|Work> Kidnaps to toilet
[21:17] <&ShijouTakane> YUS! \o/
[21:17] <&ShijouTakane> Yuri-NTR…
[21:17] <&ShijouTakane> I might actually revoke my “I dont like NTR in general” statement x)

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