Chimeral Club - Chapter 08

Chimeral Club Chapter 8

Meraru is here too… lol.

Manga: [Doki] Chimeral Club – Chapter 08 [8EB5D2A3].zip

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4 comments to Chimeral Club – Chapter 08

  • Rokudaime

    Thanks! Michiko is so adorable lol. Even when she has a really minor role, like in this chapter, she’s what really makes it worth reading to me. πŸ˜›

  • Rawr

    This would make a good anime, if any studio out there feels like making one of those short 5 minute episode shows.

    • Journey

      Or maybe when there are more chapters and insight into the universe of the series, it could be done like Yuru Yuri, would not mind having whole seasons of this good stuff.

      And maybe Michiko can make that happen somehow, and get rid of that ugly face Student Council-thingymabob’s face too, that would be funny.

    • Rokudaime

      Haha, we can only hope! πŸ˜€

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