Banner Competition: Winter 2013 (With a prize!)

Banner Competition: Winter 2013 (With a prize!)

The banner competition will end when there are sufficient submissions.
The number of banners I pick will be proportional to the number of submitted entries.
Submit by replying to this post, 1 link to a banner per reply.

And here are the technical criteria for the banners submitted to be used on the blog:

  • 1240px x 250px
  • .jpg or .png (preferred)
  • Filesize should be reasonable.

For banners submitted to be used on the Facebook group:

  • 851px x 315px
  • JPEG (.jpg) with an sRGB colour profile.
  • Filesize should be 100 KB to 150 KB.

And here are the criteria for characters/shows:

  • Character(s) should be female. (Or at least include a female.)
  • Banner must be SFW. No nudity/genitalia/hentai/etc.
  • Character(s) should come from a show that Doki has done/is doing/plans to do.
  • The banner should include the words “Doki Fansubs” somewhere on it.

Just some advice, the best banners not only have good design, but the logo “Doki Fansubs” also “fits” the banner, ie, it doesn’t stand out.

You may also modify and submit your banner for our facebook page. Or specifically make one for it. Please observe the FB rules.

The best 2 designs (picked by staff vote, 1 for, 1 for FB) will receive a free mousemat of their choice from my remaining mousemat stock.

Good luck.

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