Koi x Kagi - Chapter 2

Koi x Kagi Chapter 2

Here’s what everyone has been waiting for!

Changed main font a bit as suggested on previous chapter. Didn’t go with messy whatever font name, cos it only has upper case characters, which seems lame.

I’ll release an updated chapter 1 with the same changes when we finish the volume and I put it all together.

Thanks to orillion, mogu, newby, himie and holo for their help!

Manga: [Doki] Koi x Kagi – Chapter 2 [2E441C4D].zip

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14 comments to Koi x Kagi – Chapter 2

  • Femto Zeta

    I still can´t believe this is actually directed at little girls…

  • Julo

    I found this manga only today. It seems a nice story.
    Thanks for changing the font (and not using font with only uppercase letters; I personaly do not like it).

    Please do not take it as complain, but it would be better to translate “repeated sentences” (remembering of previous event) in the same way as first appereance. Chapter 1, page 14: …”is there anything you dont like?”; same chapter, page 23: “Is there anything you hate?” (I think this was the same (partial) sentence in Japanese.)

  • please continue with the great work ,and make sure to post the next chapter please (\\\\) ~
    I really begun to love this manga (^_^)

  • ThatOneComment

    They look a bit like psychos on the cover.

  • sjoe

    Excuse my nitpicking:
    Pg. 8 – I believe it’s called freeloaders, not free loaders. Same page- ‘My other relatives also treated me kindly’ would sound better.
    Pg. 21 – ‘Take out the plug’ seems irrelevant to the context, or did I miss something?
    Pg.22 – He’s sleeping so don’t WAKE him up (typo)
    Pg 25 – The words ‘by mistake’ are repeated.. ‘Sorry, I made a mistake by taking Subaru-kun’s key’ sounds better to me.
    Sorry for the criticism but hope you take it positively.. I appreciate your effort, and yes the manga is good!

    • Will fix them for the vol release. Plug wise, she’s just got out the bath and is expecting him to go in, and he’s all “take the plug out then” as in i’m not having one.

      • sjoe

        Oh.. Thanks. Also, I didn’t quite understand the font system. Most places use the same font but then there is a sudden switch to a different(and far less appropriate) font-pg.30, 33 of ch.2 .. It looks awkward on pg.33, as there is a mix of the two. Any particular reason for that?

  • Kraco

    This manga has more sugar than the chocolate cake I baked for my birthday, but it’s all good. I suppose it needs a lot of energy in any case to keep running so fast, even if it’s only for two volumes.

  • Rawr

    Thanks, thought the series was okay.

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