Selling Mousemats to Raise Money!

From today on, I’m selling mousemats raise money to cover some costs of fansubbing not covered by the donations. (Mainly kotomi server and domain hosting fees)

Unfortunately, I was not able to get all the custom mousemats printed, because they wouldn’t let me print single ones, and only in bulk.

So here’s what’s available for sale:

The majority of the mousemats for sale can be found here. I have 5 copies of each of these, so I expect this batch to last a while (hopefully!). I will remove the image from the set once it is sold out, so if you see an image in the set, assume that it is in stock. If they become sold out and I don’t have time to update Flickr, then first come first serve applies! I will be around very often though, so this scenario is unlikely. Update: at this time, 13 have been completely sold out. 47 remain in various quantities.

I also have some larger mousemats here. Because I wasn’t sure how popular these would be, I didn’t stock many, since they were more expensive to get. There is only 1 copy of each mousemat here. As soon as someone orders them, I will remove the image from the set. Update: at this time, only 1 out of 40 remain.

The final batch of 22cm mousemats can be found here. I only have one of each! Update: All sold out.

24cm Mousemat
Buy 1 = 7.00 GBP each
Buy 2-3 = 6.50 GBP each
Buy 4-5 = 6.00 GBP each
Buy 6+ = 5.50 GBP each (The postage might be a bit hefty for outside UK, if the weight exceeds 1kg, which it might!)

22cm Mousemat
Since they’re a bit smaller, starting price is 6.50 GBP (not 7).

30cm Mousemat
10 GBP each

Payment Methods:
A direct bank transfer would be preferred if you’re in the UK or EU.
If that’s not convenient for you, I also accept Paypal. Be aware that Paypal may deduct a fee (like always), so you may have to send a little more.

I would prefer payment in GBP (UK Pounds). If your Paypal is unable to convert your local currency into GBP before sending to me, I will accept USD or Euros (Google exchange rate applies). Do let me know in your email if you are unable to pay in GBP.

Generally speaking, postage is cheapest for UK, a little bit more for Europe, and a bit more for rest of the world.
Bear in mind that each 24cm mousemat is ~100-150g and the 30cm mousemats are double that.
My estimate on postage is:
UK: 1.50 GBP for 1 mousemat (24cm)
Europe: 2.50 GBP for 1 mousemat (24cm)
Rest of the world: 3 GBP for 1 mousemat (24cm)

Obviously if you get more than 1 mousemat, the postage per mat will drop considerably, especially if sending outside the UK.

Free Momo Sticker:
Orders over 50 GBP will get a free one!

1. Post a comment below, in this post, saying which ones you would like to buy. This is so that other people browsing can get an idea of what’s been sold or not. Post the file name of the image, for example: CLANNAD-M01 or IMG_0606. There’s no need to post a link to the file! Your comment may get flagged as spam if you post links. Please include a valid email address (it will only be seen by me, and isn’t public)

2. Send an email to me at, with “mousemat” in the title of your message, from the email address you wrote in the comment earlier. In your message, tell me the file name of the image of the mousemats that you want to buy. You may include a link to the image if you want. Also include an address that you want the items posted to! Make sure you include your country! Also let me know how you would like to pay.

You MUST send me an email after posting a comment. If I don’t get an email off a commenter 24 hours after the comment is posted, the mousemats will be free for others to buy.

3. If you have any questions about anything, you may either comment below or email me.

4. Once I receive your email in my inbox, I will respond to you and assign you with an order number. I will also edit your comment on the blog and add in the order number. I will reply to you by email telling you what the total amount to pay will be.

5. Once I receive your payment, I will email you again telling you that payment has been received and when I plan to post the items.

6. After I have sent them in the post, I will send you a final email.

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone who will be purchasing these mousemats. Your support is greatly appreciated!

UPDATE: I am posting 10 orders a day (ones that I have received money for). If you have not been emailed with an order number yet, it’s because I’ve not gone that far yet. But rest assured, if you have eamiled me with an order, it will be reserved for you unless I email you otherwise.

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