Advance Notice 2: Selling Mousemats in August


I am now working on the mousemat designs. I’d like comments on what series/characters you’d like to see/purchase.

If you have a specific image that you would like to request, please post the link to a high res image. Otherwise, just post what series and/or characters you would like. The final plan would be for me to choose a selection of images from the series/characters and stock 5 of each design or something. If I like your custom request, I might stock more of them too. Otherwise I’ll only get 1 of the custom design (reserved for the poster).

As an example, you could comment with “Yahari/Yui, Clannad/Kotomi, Fate zero/Saber” or “Clannad, K-ON.”

Also, can people stop asking if I can ship to them. The answer will be yes, unless you live in the middle of an island in the Pacific Ocean or in the Amazon Rainforest.

Last chance to give your character/series preference! I will be choosing designs very soon.

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