Date a Live - 04

Date a Live – 04

^ Best girl.

In other news, we will be re-running the “Best DaL Girl?” poll at the end of the season, to see how opinions have changed, and how the newcomers will fare as the series goes on.

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720p: [Doki] Date a Live - 04 (1280x720 Hi10P AAC) [8B454EDC].mkv

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480p: [Doki] Date a Live - 04 (848x480 h264 AAC) [E8481D02].mkv

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28 comments to Date a Live – 04

  • Trieste

    Yoshino = Best Girl :3

  • Master J

    How come Doki isnt doing Ore no Imouto season 2? :'(

  • HaloGuy

    When I first watched the PV, I got my eyes on Yoshino…let’s see how she turns out. :3
    Although so far I liked Origami.

  • Joey

    Reine is the best girl 😛

  • dokifan

    i am just wondering here, does Doki have the same typesetter or video encoder as FFFansubs or something?

    Just for this episode of DAL, at 14:10~20s or so, the three choices screen, both the Doki and FFFansubs releases have flickering subs. (too many lines of scripts that maybe could have been simplified?)

    ALSO, the entire ending credits: i dont know who, the typesetter or the encoder, that screwed up this episode, when u play with subs on, the ED is covered up with a huge black box (i assume) in the center where it is supposed to show the original japanese rolling credits.

    Doki already releases this episode 1-2 days later than the FFFansubs group, so i, as a fan of doki from a long time back, was hoping that you ppl of all groups might not and would not have screwed up these things, but i am saddened………………..o well, i guess mistakes happen, especially around this time of busy schedule for ppl.

    • dokifan

      let me just revise something i said about the ED credits:

      it is not that the rolling japanese credits are covered with a black box ALL THE TIME. when you start clicking around the video progress bar, in other words, seeking/skipping to a desired point of the ED to play, SOMETIMES the credits became shown but SOMETIMES they became covered with black box although doki’s english subs are always shown.

      this never happened with other Doki releases and i dont think my computer has any problems, so i just assumed something might have went wrong with this episode of this series.

      • No.

        Your PC or media player settings just can’t cope with it, they aren’t flicking at all for me. Fix your settings I guess.

        ED is not screwed up at all, it’s there to not cockblock the kara. It doesn’t show when you click random points on the seek bar because typsetting _won’t/can’t_ show _after_ the start time has passed. This goes for _every_ single other sign that isn’t done on a frame by frame basis.

        So no mistakes, just you finding fault were there is none and not understanding how .ass subs work I guess.

      • Rawr

        Not following this show, but will suggest that you use CCCP, never had a problem with any fansub or TV episode ever when using this.

        Surprised you thought it might of been an issue with the episode though, I’ve never known of Doki making any mistakes like that before. Perhaps the odd glitch or two which Holo or someone verifys and fixes, but never that.

        And as no one else has complained of this, its an issue on your end lol

    • doodle

      Use xy-vsfilter. Not VLC or other shitty subtitle renders.

    • Dys

      So your conclusion, rather than “Oh, it must be my setup” was “Both of these groups must be using the same typesetter and both releases must be wrong”. Really?

      If you’re having trouble, it’s likely you haven’t installed xy-vsfilter. It’s the most commonly used subtitle renderer now, simply because it’s the fastest, and can handle much heavier softsubbing than the others.

    • innocenat

      As a typesetter of the series, that scene are very typesetting-heavy, having more than 5 lines on screen at the same time AND moving in and out of the screen, the latter which really put stress on the renderer, especially original vsfilter (i.e. the one in most player by default)

      FFF’s is more than likely to be using the same technique for typesetting, so if your computer can’t keep up with it, it will have the same blinking effect for you.

  • Raizu

    Kurumi will win the date <3

    • Rokudaime

      Dude, I’m starting to think you drop almost everything you watch. -_- Maybe you should stop watching Type-B shows altogether lol, and go with plot-heavy Type-A shows with little fanservice instead. It looks to me like you don’t really like Type-B shows at all. I don’t know why you keep watching them. Also, sorry if I come off as rude, but you can stop informing us of every Doki show that you’re dropping. You don’t need to tell us every time. I really doubt anyone cares that much. ┐( ̄_ ̄)┌

      • Relgoshan

        This is just such a weird season for me. The so called “type B” I usually end up sticking to a couple of them each season. But one by one it seems like all the standbys are falling away.

        Hell I typically can not STAND mecha shows but I am still on two of them with expectation that by now I will probably watch the whole season.

        I will not lie, sometimes the service alone can keep me watching a show and hoping for the best. But so far I have dropped OreImo s2, Photokano, Railgun s2, Nyarlko s2, Crime Edge, Date a Live and Majestic Prince. I am still watching Shingeki no Kyojin, Gargantia (surprised), Valvrave (really surprised), Muromi-san, Aku no Hana (really surprised) and maybe a couple others.

        Last season I got into a lot of service heavy shows including Haganai NEXT and that Oniichan Dakedo Longname or whatever (plus many others!). You didn’t see ‘dropped!’ from me here because I hardly dropped ANYthing last season. Like I said this is shaping to be a weird season. I’ll probably try out a few others like Red Data Girl just because I now have the time.

  • rupus

    The new girl has loli going for her but I think Touka is still my favorite mostly due to her being Saber.

  • SomeDudeOnTheNet

    Nope. Still like Touka better.

  • Animeniac

    My Vote is reserved for Yoshino~ Why no Yoshino? 🙁

  • Cereal Guy

    I’m sure Doki and their follower are lolicon (including myself).
    I will not surprise if Yoshino is at the top list.

    *I’m eating cereal*

  • Brandon

    I have been making my own DVDs from shows like these for a while and use a program to burn the subtitles into the file so that it is no longer an option to take them off screen. But when I tried to run this episode through it, the video does not work for some reason, and I noticed that the file size is a tad bit smaller than the other episodes. Is there something wrong with this?

    • Relgoshan

      Doki tends not to use CBR/Target Filesize, so each episode should not be the same in that regard. There *is* a chance that this episode required use of a feature that made your renderer shit all over itself…

      If I may ask what program and version or build number you are using to re-render with burned subs…and which version of the episode you worked from?

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