Chibi Devi – 32v0

Chibi Devi – 32v0

Our faces when the capper tells us he forgot to cap Chibi.

The actual transcript of our conversation:

[23:10] <&teg> Capper-san
[23:10] <&teg> did you cap
[23:10] <&teg> chibi
[23:10] <&Capper-san> 50$
[23:10] <&teg> did u cap
[23:10] <&teg> chibi
[23:10] <&Capper-san> probably

[23:14] <&Capper-san> teg
[23:14] <&Capper-san> i dont have chibi
[23:14] <&teg> don’t even fuck
[23:14] <&teg> wat
[23:14] <&teg> (´_ゝ`)
[23:14] <&Capper-san> i forgot to schedule it
[23:14] <&Capper-san> lolol
[23:14] <&teg> ;_;
[23:14] <&Capper-san> blame
[23:14] <&Capper-san> name removed!
[23:15] <&teg> he is a prick
[23:15] <&Capper-san> (´_ゝ`)
[23:15] <&teg> mfw have to find a v0 shitraw
[23:15] <&Capper-san> (´_ゝ`)
[23:15] <&tabaha> why Capper-san
[23:16] <&tabaha> Y U DO THIS TO ME AND TEG
[23:16] <&tabaha> ;_;
[23:16] <&Capper-san> the game
[23:16] <&Capper-san> you lost
[23:16] <&teg> my tears
[23:16] <&altazure> WHY I ALWAYS LOSE

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