Dog Days' - 13 [END]

Dog Days' - 13

And now, a special message from the TL for this show.

>Sakurahime< Speical thanks to my sugoi PL odin for helping me with dog days' until now and being a great help on the last episode. And thanks to all of the sugoi staff that worked on it with me until now: Chrouya the most sugoi tlc ever, kotetsure the kawaii tsundere editor, glis the dog days fan, imdai the TS that's great fun to talk with. To myth for timing and stefl as well~ and to solstice for being great help on the start and cheering me up to do my best~ ~ みんなだいすき!<3

>Glis< Here's hoping for a 3rd season. >Glis< It's been fun 🙂 >Glis< And Millhi is MINE! >odinigh< It's okay bro, I want Adelaide anyway >Glis< o/ >Glis< You like the starry-eyed look, eh? :)

[21:44:50] >Kotetsure< Time and time again I have complained about this anime. “It’s lame!” “It’s boooooring!” “It’s just cute girls doing cute war things, and it's not as fun as that makes it sound!” “For such a silly anime, it's pretty difficult to edit!" Yet for some reason, I not only always recommend it to people who are looking for a fun anime to watch, but I end up looking forward to every Sunday. "Sunday is Dog Days’ day." I’ve turned real-life friends away and locked myself in my room more times than I can count for this show. Actually, that’s a lie. I can count to 12. [21:44:55] >Kotetsure< So here’s to Odinigh, the project leader; Sakurahime, the translator; Chrouya, the translation checker; Stefl and Myth, the timers; Glis, the quality checker, and special thanks to Solstice for the moral support (and spell checking). (And it’ll be OK because we’ll be doing K together this fall. Hurray!) Thanks, guys. It was a great summer. -Kotetsure

And although the others couldn’t be around to leave their message, I’ll be sure to save a spot here for them.
Thanks to Chrouya for deciphering the Flonyard script. For that, he is royally awesome.

  • TL: sakurahime
  • TLC: Chrouya
  • Editor: Kotetsure
  • Timer: Stefl1504, xMythycle
  • Typesetter: iMdai
  • Encoder: anonymlol
  • QC: Glis
  • Project Leader \ Kara: odinigh

720p: [Doki] Dog Days' - 13 (1280x720 Hi10P AAC) [C5721D15].mkv

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480p: [Doki] Dog Days' - 13 (848x480 h264 AAC) [022C820C].mkv

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46 comments to Dog Days’ – 13 [END]

  • erejnion

    So, the ‘translator’ of this show has the habit of using ‘sugoi’ in every sentence, not to mention all the other raping of japanese words. Certainly reassuring when I have come to the dilemma whether should I wait for Hiryuu’s OniAi or should I just watch Doki’s release.

    • The translator and TLC did a fine job on this show, there’s no point in even trying to insult them.

      OniAi is a different show with a different translator.

      Not that that part matters, seeing as no matter which of our active translators were to be put on a show, they would perform nicely, indeed.

      • erejnion

        Oh, I just said it is reassuring. Like how the english used on Hadena’s website is reassuring.

        • I don’t see how Hadena’s English is at all reassuring.
          And quite frankly, I’d be downright insulted if you were to compare us to Hadena.

          There is a difference between somebody having fun with the way they speak to others… and somebody unintentionally screwing up their English.

          • erejnion

            Uh. Well, let’s try this again, this time in straight text. (curse me and my love for irony)

            Using such words is bastardization of the English language alright. But, as English strives on bastardizations, it’s not that big of a problem, when used appropriately and within reasonable amount.
            But when every single sentence has “sugoi” in it, it’s either a parody of Canaan, or I get a Hadena deja vu. That’s about it.

            Well, I downloaded OniAi after half a day without new ongoings anyway. I have yet to see how’s the translation, but I trust Doki to not be Hadena level.

  • *glares at erejnion*

    “Seems legit.”

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