Recruiting typesetters (Closed)

Update: Recruiting is closed (for now). Thanks to everyone that applied. For latecomers, enjoy the pic!


For those who don’t know, I am TheThing, Doki typesetter (read: staller) for some of Doki’s most nightmare typesetting shows including BakaNi, Haganai, KoreZombie, Kokoro Connect and KoiChoco.

Because of the increasing backlog, I’ll be spending next autumn season working on them (yes, I haven’t forgotten about BakaNi). However doki needs typesetters to fill up for next season. Therefore we are recruiting typesetters interested in helping for next season.

Me, himie and teg will be helping with training anyone that is interested so please drop by #doki-recruits and email

Some notes:

  • You don’t need to know japanese (all translation will be supplied).
  • Patience and dedication is required.

For those that don’t know what typesetting is, it’s basically adding subs for signs inside shows (basically this only not as nearly as bad). Most shows only have like 1 – 2 signs, either containing the episode title or some in-house sign that says “Class 3-A” or something.

Remember, the sooner we can get some help, the sooner I can release some of the backlogged shows including BakaNi and Haganai.

Edit: If you typeset like this, your application will probably be misplaced.

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