Tari Tari – 06

Tari Tari – 06

This episode was lacking in Sawa, I am annoyed at this.

On another note, real men cry.

On another other note, I am suffering Sawa tits withdrawals. Please fix this, P.A. Works.

Dys:18:03 Wakana, I can help you with that baby you clearly want to make~
Mimori:18:04 Oh you. :’D
Dys:18:04 Just come here and sit on my lap~
Dys:18:04 and we can go from there~

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31 comments to Tari Tari – 06

  • In the ED, the line that starts: “A, te wo sashinoberarete…”, I don’t think they’re saying “A”. It’s “Sa” to my ears. Resultantly, “Oh” is incorrect.

    Very small nitpick, but it’s been bugging me a lot for some reason. Great releases though.

    • Mimori

      Our OP / ED had a few errors in them, but we were waiting until the official lyrics came out to update. They’ll be correct as of the next episode. ^^

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