Zetman (TV) – Batches


TV batch of Zetman cos I feel like it. Blu-Rays coming soon.

Please report any errors that you find, and they’ll get fixed in the BDs.

HD: Zetman (2012) [Doki][1280×720 h264 AAC]

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SD: Zetman (2012) [Doki][848×480 h264 AAC]

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11 comments to Zetman (TV) – Batches

  • Rawr

    Thankyou, I’ll watch these instead of the Blu Ray episodes, I don’t mind really.

  • DmonHiro

    The real question is will all bluray volumes be released? And I don’t mean by you, I mean by Japan. Volume 1 sols less then 700 units.

    • Holo

      What would be a normal number of sales? I’ve not heard of any BDs being discontinued in the past due to a lack of sales though, lol.

      • Rawr

        I think a few thosand sold is considered good in Japan, and over 10,000 is excellent.

      • DmonHiro

        Well, usually, 3000ist is the break-even point for most. 2000-2500 is acceptable, but under 1000… that’s pretty bad.
        Discontinued, I only know of one example: Shangri-La, and I think they eventually released the second half as a boxset.

        • Rawr

          I think a lot of studios tolerate lower sales as they know they can license the show out to American/Australian/UK anime companies and make money back that way. Basically cutting their losses and moving on to what makes them money.

          Regardless of how well something performs for Gonzo, even Shangri La failing in Japan, they know Funimation will always be there to pick up their shows.

          • DmonHiro

            No, you are wrong. R1 sales do not venture into the projections of anime sales. While that was true during the US anime boom, Japan stopped expecting money from the R1 DVD industry around 2007, about when GONZO really started getting into trouble.

            Nowadays, Japanese studios tolerate low disc sales only for shows that were created to sell a different project, usually manga. For example, the Chihayafuru anime is doing pretty bad, but it nearly TRIPLED manga sales for that title, so while the anime didn’t make much money, it payed off.

            Same thing could happen to Zetman. Manga fans hated the anime, but those who have not read it might go buy it now, since all the manga fans yell that the manga is so much better. For the record, it is.

            PS: Stop thinking that Japan relies on American companies licensing their anime. That’s not how it works. Hell, that’s not how it ever worked. GONZO was the only company that did that anyway, and it did not end well for them.

          • Rawr

            Ah I understand, I remember reading topics about how much Funimation, ADV and other companies pay for licenses as back before 2007 as noted the prices for anime were much higher. Speaking 5-6 figures to license.

            With that basis I figured that even if a show fails, if someone is willing to pay the studio a 5 figure sum, say $60,000 dollars for their show, it’d be counted as additional income which they rely on.

            Then of course you have the eventual license rescues that occur.

            But you’re right, with companies like Bandai not doing much anymore, Media Blasters looking like they’re on the verge of collapse, there’s less competition for licenses and the prices drop considerably.

            Anyway sorry, my info was outdated I guess, I don’t really frequent anime forums much anymore =/

  • Kushi

    No patchs? OMG i’m impressed

    *Kushi pet doki’s staff

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