Tari Tari – 01

Tari Tari - 01

Hello folks!

It’s been a while. I’m sure everyone noticed how I disappeared and Doki stopped sucking for a while there! Well, never fear, I am back to fag up more releases and accidentally everything!

In other news, this is my show this season, Tari Tari, and here’s the crew:

  • PL: Dys
  • TL: Mimori
  • Edit/QC: Dys
  • Timer: Stefl1504
  • TS: Assasin_Cross
  • Encoder: ixlone
  • K-Timer: dreamer2908

We’re hoping to keep a pretty steady release schedule with this one.

EDIT: Hey! So we have a derp already. Joy! Apparently my 10-bit is a bit more like 8-bit, as in, it’s been accidentally encoded in 8-bit. >_> Next time. Next time guys. Didn’t you just miss this?

HD: [Doki] Tari Tari – 01 (1280×720 Hi10P AAC) [005DBB71].mkv


SD: [Doki] Tari Tari – 01 (848×480 h264 AAC) [58AD63E1].mkv


118 comments to Tari Tari – 01

  • fragged

    How is 10 bit “widely supported”? No hardware has support for it -> most media PC’s etc. wont play it. My AMD E350 sure can’t play high bit rate 720p/1080p video without DXVA support. Same goes for mobile devices with up to 1080p support, none will play 10 bit.

    • Get a better gfx card that supports 10bit.

      1080 anime has no place on a mobile device, talk about overkill.

    • Index

      Well, using AMD E350 for entertainment is a mistake, in the first place. u need to make a little tweak, though.
      playing 1080p in mobile device is absurd, anyway. why did u play 1920×1080 in a mobile device that only 480×640 or whatever that is…

      • fragged

        So instead I should’ve bought a huge desktop PC to go with my HDTV which 1) Costs more 2) Wastes more energy (some of us pay for electricity) 3) takes more room 4) makes more noise (unless I spend more money again)

        Yeah, makes 100% total sense to me.

        • Index

          How silly you are.

          “u need to make a little tweak, though.”

          i won’t write it again. it’s a waste of time. find it somewhere here


          never thought to buy a cheap quad core laptop, and connect it to ur HDTV, asshole? Llano is powerful enough

    • Dys

      Then watch the 480p.

      The fact of the matter is, many other popular groups switched to 10-bit as their standard last season, or even the season before. We held out with 8-bit as long as we felt necessary and now we’re switching.

      All the dead horse beating doesn’t change that.

    • Rokudaime

      >1080p on a MOBILE DEVICE.

    • Paul

      I don’t know if you will ever see this reply… but you CAN play 10-bit 720p anime on an AMD E-350.

      1. Get the latest MPC-HC, LAV filters, Haali media splitter and xy-vsfilter.
      2. Disable all the internal filters on MPC-HC.
      3. Then add Haali media splitter, file source (async.), LAV splitter, video and audio decoders and lastly directvobsub (auto-loading version) to the external filters.

      This setup is miles ahead in performance of whatever bundled crap CCCP and VLC has nowadays. I would know since I also have a netbook with a E-350 in it and I can play OP/ED themes with animated karaoke on 10-bit 720p anime with zero or occasionally a couple of dropped frames on very heavy scenes. And yep, no hardware acceleration, this is all on the CPU.

      …Of course it’s still kinda dumb of you to even attempt playing 1080p on a mobile device.

  • himie

    I love 8-bit releases you can play them on almost anything I don’t see why you should use 10-bit, I can only play 8-bit on my over 10 years old Deskto… nvm… go on… my laptop plays 10-bit fine…

    RIP my Desktop ;_;

    • I’ll say this, A.Crush… It’s not some bandwagon that people are jumping on like idiots; It’s people moving on.
      If you and your machine can’t handle the 10-bit, then download the 480 or don’t get the release at all.
      Though there are those of you who want to stay behind, (hell, some people don’t even want to switch from xvid) the groups don’t cater to the leechers’ whims.
      Nor do they enjoy it when some random troll won’t let a long-lost argument just…. die.

    • I don’t even have a desktop to RIP ;_;

  • Rawr

    Wow I’m slow to comment lately.

    Thankyou for this, will check this out too. My second Doki show for this season.

  • Tiberium Wolf

    The line at around 10:00.

    “Not really your strong point, huh?”

    Wasn’t the teacher asking her if she made a boyfriend?

    • Mimori

      Haha, yeah, I spotted that line on a watch of the episode and was wondering if anyone would too. 😀 Don’t know where I got it from, because the Japanese line was easy as can be. I can only say I was tired after a full day’s work and fluffed it up.

      Regarding the one below, that’s a good point! You’re more than likely right. Again, a dumb mistake that’s probably the result of first week blues and too much fatigue on my part. Things will be better next week!

  • Tiberium Wolf

    2:22 line weird too since her dad is the one she is talking to. Well I assume that person there is her dad. From the 1st few secs we see him there plus mom and little Sakai.

  • Sean

    It’s “practicing” not practising…

    • Index

      Correct me if I’m wrong.

      That was British spelling. I’m not American, so what I learned was British English.

      Practise (verb) = UK

      • Sean

        Well living in America for a bit more than half my life, it has always been “practice” “practicing” “practiced” ; always with a “c” . if I put “practise” while writing an essay i’d definitely get marked down. It’s just a bit weird seeing it spelled with a “s” , It looks so… unusual. Well, whatever i’ll get used to it. Thanks

    • Rokudaime

      Indeed. Sean, as Index said, that is British spelling, and entirely acceptable. It’s not a spelling mistake.

    • Dys

      Practice is a noun.

      Practise is a verb.

      Neither is incorrect, unless you just don’t know how to use them. As a matter of fact, it’s not “British spelling” at all.

      You use them in the same way you would use words like advice and advise.

  • Vena

    Wow, I’m kinda glad I’m completely clueless about this 8 bit/10 bit stuff! I’ve really loved the quality of the shows I’ve gotten from Doki so far – as long as I can play it, I don’t really care WHAT all the encoding stuff is 😛

    Either one, thanks to you guys here at Doki I’ve recently started getting back into downloading and watching subbed anime! I didn’t think Tari Tari would be one I’d be very interested in this season but it looks like I might be wrong.. thanks for the release! And keep up the great work guys 🙂 I really appreciate it

  • It’s funny I still see people arguing about 8-bit vs 10-bit H.264 – I thought it was decided a long time ago that Hi10P was the new standard for anime for the better quality and filesizes. These are easily playable with a Sandy Bridge or Llano computer with LAV Filters installed.

    I’m just happy they’re not using Hi444PP like the guys at SubDesu-H were doing for a while…

  • Akui

    Is it actually one track of “True Tears”? The Reflectia one at the beginning of the episode 🙂

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