Updated h264/Hi10P Policy

Following on from the discussion on Hi10P last year, and the results of the voting from last month, it is time to make an official announcement on this matter.

The following will be effective as of Summer 2012:

TV releases

  • 720p: If we are able to secure reliable caps (.ts) for a show, we will release in Hi10P. If we cannot, we will release with raws (8-bit h264). We will not be re-encoding 8-bit h264 into Hi10P, because this is retarded. I have noticed some groups out there, who have been jumping on the Hi10P bandwagon, but are not encoding from .ts, and simply re-encoding into Hi10P from 8-bit raws. Audio will be AAC.
  • 480p: Whether we are encoding 480p from .ts or re-encoding 480p from raws, the format will remain 8-bit h264. Audio will be AAC.

BD releases

  • 1080p: Video in Hi10P. Audio in FLAC (16 or 24 bit).
  • 720p: Video in either Hi10P, or 8-bit h264, at the encoder’s discretion. Audio in AAC. If 720p is the top resolution, then it will be Hi10P/FLAC.
  • 480p: Video in 8-bit h264. Audio in AAC.

Only exceptions to this rule are movie releases. Joint projects may or may not follow our conventions.

I am on target to release Air and Clannad ~AS~ in Hi10P this summer.

147 comments to Updated h264/Hi10P Policy

  • Burazekun

    I am proud to hear a group actually sit down to understand the processes involved with Hi10P. I also like the fact that you understand that going from 8bit to 10bit is not an upgrade really, and that you are doing it for appropriate releases which have that kid of quality already. I’ve made a central, low power (10 watts idle to 22 watts load, 16 watts to process HiDef content), media server, and it relies heavily on DXVA to process High Definition content to stream to multiple setups in the house. So any 8bit releases do help me, and I appreciate that. While I understand many releases from many groups will eventually be 10bit, this is why I am waiting on AMD’s R labeled APU’s to come out. (currently using a E-305 apu on a microITX board, picopsu (90watt PSU), and a 2tb hdd) Anyhow, outside of my ramblings, I appreciate that your group is thinking smart about this, and doing releases based off the content you get and not just because you like Hi10P. I have even more respect for your group now!

  • yoyo

    I’m waiting for the clannad~As~~~

  • amen665

    im still waiting for the rest of these. >_< what happened to this group? guess i gotta find another source…

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