Sankarea – 05

Sankarea - 05

No idea why this was delayed… again.

v2 brought to you courtesy of altazure.

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38 comments to Sankarea – 05

  • Pitchblack

    If only she had more line ^

    Thank you 🙂

  • bob

    “No idea why this was delayed… again.”

    Because you guys have your priorities screwed up.
    BD’s , batches and past series should be done when you have extra time .

    Current shows should be worked on by everyone until they are done.

    You can do it , usually at the start of the season you’re on time with the first 2 or 3 episodes , then it starts slackig up to the point of it being pathetic all the while releasing things we’ve all seen already.

    Releasing 3 days after other groups is for groups who are just starting up .. One could argue your releases are a whole lot better quality wise , but tbh that just isn’t the case , for new releases you are just a tad above speed sub quality , which is FINE … as long as you are SPEEDY with them!

    No idea you say … shape up.

    • Krazykaiju

      Don’t be so harsh. Real Life can screw up even the best laid plans. I’m grateful for everything this group does, since I know a Doki release will be better than 95% of the speed subbers out there. The fact that they still give an 8bit option to those of us who are 10bit challenged makes me even more greatful.

    • Once again for the mongoloids (that would be you “bob”)…

      Different staff work on different shows.

      I only work on Zetman as airing show for example, but I’m also doing like 10 BDs. The same goes for everyone else.

      And the correct answer: I was playing Tera.

      • bob

        As an (apparently) representative for people who suffer from down syndrome I can only say I stand by what I’ve said .

        You really don’t count mr Ixlone , don’t pretend you’re taking for anyone from Doki , the only applicable thing you are able to do is start a megui batch and fill in an crf value. Don’t pretend otherwise. Your pathetic sense of self importance and the resulting verbal diarrhea are -albeit sadly comical- misplaced.

        Whatever excuse you make for yourselves , that’s what they are.. excuses.. your current organizational setup just doesn’t work , if it did we would be seeing releases on time.

        I really don’t give a rat’s ass about “everyone doing their own thing” or any other “my dog ate my homework” excuse for incompetence .

        • Holo

          Delayed cos I was revising for my exams instead of fansubbing, and for that, I sincerely apologise. Clearly I should put fansubbing before my exams to satisfy your needs.

          • bob

            I like you guys as a group , I would not bother posting / replying otherwise , it would not affect me if I didn’t give a crap.

            My needs are currently satisfied elsewhere when it comes to Sankarea.

            I’d prefer it if Doki managed to do their current shows on time.

        • Oh dear, someone got a bit butthurt there.

          Need more paragraphs please.

          • bob

            I’m sorry to hear you got butthurt sir , I hope you get over it quickly.

          • Funny. You should also L2English.

          • Why was this delayed? It’s really none of your business, “bob”.
            Different people on different projects; with over 20 members, they’re pretty spread out through the projects.
            Ixlone? He is a member of Doki, a PL, even. How does he not count?

            And if I knew of anyone that “started a megui batch and filled out a crf value” <- I would bitch-slap them to the point they actually grow a pair of balls and jump onto the cli x264 train.

    • Index

      Do you know? SHIT HAPPENED

      ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

    • Pawprint

      I bet bob’s head will explode when we release IM@S 22 tomorrow.

  • ryukaiser

    “Kore wa Zombie Desu ka S2: 04; TS@TheThing; OVA: Edit & TLC Stage
    Shades to ask Holo whether or not the script is ready for editing”

    wtf, holo

  • L~A

    No, people at Doki don’t have their priorities screwed up.

    For one, they spend hours of their free time providing us with free subs they don’t get paid for. They don’t owe us anything. Actually, it’s us, the people watching the subs, who owes them.

    For second, prioritising your own private life (to go out, meet with friends, play some games) isn’t what I’d call ‘screwed up priorities’. They don’t have to spend every single second of their free time working on subs. They’re not slaves.

    And thirdly, complaining about them being ‘late’ is ridiculous, especially if their subs aren’t ‘that much better’ than others… if that’s the case, why not go watch those others subs? That’s what any normal person would do. Doki’s subs are free. Other groups subs are free. You’re free to go see elsewhere if you’re not satisfied.

    Finally, I’d just like to thank the Doki team for this new episode of Sankarea… sure is an interesting show, to say the least :p

  • i hate myself

    isn’t it because of tera?

  • Jay-kun

    Thanks! 😀

  • Rakurai Amatsu

    not going to be the douche here well try not to be, the fact is you should look at your calender for one BoB and realise its usually the time a lot of people have major exams/assignments due and even I for one cannot blame them for prioritising there own lives first to be honest I would do it myself without thought.
    Also you need to realise doki “DO NOT” make you pay for their subs and give it out to us for free so to be honest if you really want to watch your anime on time I could suggest going to a school and learn Japanese then that way you won’t have to wait like the rest of us patient people….

  • Twentyfaces

    Thanks for the release. Sorry that there’s idiots who think that you should abandon your real lives to sub anime for them.
    But still, give me moooooooore masou shoujo goodness. Moooooore…. XD

  • Irie Naoki

    And yet again, this site gives me some good comedy, don’t you just love haters who hate ‘delay’.

    Fansub is srs business.

  • Rokudaime

    My goodness….Yet another one of THOSE kinds of people again huh? ; ) Get a life Bob.

  • Geese1

    Thanks for the new episode!

  • Seto

    Reseting my router and +1ing my own comments is sad as fuck.

  • Ikaros000

    Aslong as the episodes arent delayed for more than 3 weeks im fine with it if its for quality subs 🙂
    If everyone else is so bothered then just download a different version and then get Doki’s version after its released. Simple really….
    Unless youre like a 30 year old neet then you really should know that there are quite a lot of exams around this time of the year

    And Thank you to the Doki staff that gave us this episode ^_^

  • Warlocke

    “No idea why this was delayed… again.”

    That’s easy: You don’t practice Sankarea, you ain’t got no crystal ball.


  • Myth

    I.. love.. Makise.. Kurisu? :3

  • Elvin21

    That’s the problem when they do not know who is directly involved on a particular project and then bark on the wrong tree… Thanks for the release! Patience really is a virtue…

  • John

    Thanks for the great job again I am sure, still need to watch ep 4 due to my prioritizing sleep over anime…guess I need to get that fixed. Much more fun for me to watch 2 eps at a time tho. ^_^

  • Path

    what made you release v2 patch?

  • I support Doki. This “bob” fellow is nothing but an ungrateful douchebag, as a volunteer authority on another site, I know all too well life can get in the way, and I don’t get paid to do anything, therefore I don’t owe anyone anything, I do it because I want to.

    The same goes for Doki, they are providing a service free of charge, and they should be praised for that, not insulted because someone is being an ungrateful bitch.

    Keep up the good work guys, screw the self-righteous assholes.

  • Maya

    This show was going the comedy/drama way, and suddendly this episode comes and turns it into a horror anime. Way to screw Rea as a character. I really hope this gets better, if any more characters become zombies this will suck

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