Guilty Crown – 15

Guilty Crown - 15

Yup, I think it’s about time Shu ought to make the world his bitch. Hail to the King, baby.

In other news, seems like my timer for this show still doesn’t feel like doing… you know… their job, so thanks to odinigh for filling in this week and letting me get it out before the next episode airs. Thanks to himie last week, as well.


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55 comments to Guilty Crown – 15

  • starsword

    Yay thanks ^^
    Time to be a king XD

  • GhostAutonomy

    I’ve been waiting for this for so long!! <3


  • Pariah

    They killed. They payed. Shu is the king.

    Also, captcha was 4NAL. xD


    The monster episode!

  • S42

    I believe this means that statement about his show being a steaming pile of shit should be retracted.

    • Pawprint

      Oh, I have loads of faith that Japan can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, based on how many crap endings I’ve seen in my anime-watching lifetime. I’ll reserve judgement until the end.

  • NOOO! 🙁

    I hope he becomes a ruthless anti-hero type of person.

  • buscher

    “There’s no way I can accept that!.” 3:29

  • The Grabbler

    Awwww snap…Didnt see that coming. wtb more shu going ape shit on people.

  • Growl

    “In other news, seems like my timer for this show still doesn’t feel like doing… ”

    I see another “Idolmaster Disaster” comming !

  • Tanki

    He rapped Inori hahaha

    • Raven

      Raped*. And no, he just forcefully withdrew her void without consent in a state of shock.

      Also, I agree with S42.

      • jKaito

        He forcefully reached for her chest. In anyone’s eyes I think that’s considered rape. But has forcefully reached for guy’s chest to at first right?

      • KarL

        Phew, I am glad someone now agrees with me since I made the same remark in Ep-14… (watch the raw last week).

        Come on, throw a girl on the ground, grab both of her hands and raise them above her head and then reach on to the breast.

        Looks like that doesn’t it.

        • Pawprint

          You’re referring to the joke I was making about what I’d do to Tsugumi. I’d happily lend you some pliers if it’ll help you get that stick out of your ass.

          Seriously, this is a war-time scenario. You have to use the tools you have available, and it doesn’t matter whether someone feels “a little uncomfortable” about it.

          To call these things “rape” is to belittle people who have experienced real rape.

          • Leon-Gun

            And if you’re actually defending the writer’s decision of making you blankly and unnecesarily forcing Inori to the ground to get something he would have gotten anyway then we certainly have different opinions.

            The whole scene was basically made to send a strong message of Shu making Inori submit to him, the same way he’ll make the others submit to his “rule”. You can’t even argue that Inori even showed hesitation on giving him the Void since the moment she actually resisted was when Shu had “already” pinned her down to the floor and was forcefully inserting his hand.

            It was just a very crude way of getting the point across that he had snapped and lost his kindness. Let’s not even get at how they rushed his transition from kind to cruel when it wasn’t even just a moment before that Hare was givng her death speech of how he loved him because of his kindness. At the very least give us an internal view of what kind of thought rushed to his head, otherwise it’s almost like he had a sudden personality change, not a believable answer to shock. It’s not as if this is the first time he dealt with intense shock.

          • Pawprint

            I’m not “defending” anything; dunno where you get the idea that I am. And I was talking about last ep’s scene where Tsugumi was reluctant to have her void removed.

            Honestly, as I look back on this ep, I think Inori’s actions were totally out of character for her. It was a shitty move on the part of the writers to try to add shock value to the scene.

            Here’s my prediction: Shu will be all badass for a while, but then he’ll realize that he’s “sunk to their level,” or some other horseshit reason that storytellers pull out once they figure out that they’ve written themselves into a corner.

          • ABCDEFG!!

            He will probadly sacrifice himself to save the
            ” world ” or that shit then turns up alive somewhere in a dark cave surrounded by monkeys.
            Or gets resurrected by aliens who aren’t even involved in the story whatsoever -.- Saw that yesterday in a different anime.

          • Pawprint

            At the risk of getting severely spoiled, what show? Hmmm, let’s see if <span style=”color:#000000;back-color=#000000″>spoiler text</span> actually works:

            spoiler text

          • Pawprint

            And now with the proper style:

            <span style=”color:#000000;background-color=#000000″>spoiler text</span> actually works:

            spoiler text

          • Pawprint

            Well, shit. (And no, I wasn’t saying it “actually works”; I just forgot to delete that after copy/paste.) So much for trying to provide a means of spoiler protection for others.

            I guess that’s why “span” isn’t in the list of HTML tags you can use. Pity.

  • Pitchblack

    anti-hero King Shu. I’d like that!

  • Two Words


    Can’t wait to watch what becomes of the new Shu x3

  • Student

    Many thanks. 😀

  • Thank you, though a little sad Shu turns out this way. But at least now he’s getting serious to fight. On to the next episode! Woohoo!

  • mler

    Thanks so much. Guilty Crown is my guilty pleasure this season. I see the flaws but love it anyway.

  • Marcos

    At least Shun acted like a man. Looking forward to the next episode. By the way, thanks for this one.

  • Pawprint

    Well, that…sucked. But at least it lit a fire under Shu’s ass. I hope it doesn’t fizzle out.

    Oh, Tsugumi in the bath. Giggity ^ 1,000,000. And boo for ridiculously opaque water….

  • Yeay!!! been waiting for this also thank you so much for the trackers, torrents are a bitch to me these past few weeks, im so happy you did not use the udp openbitorrent crap of a tracker, don’t know for the others but it sure does not work me me, again THANK YOU DOKI!!!! S^.^Sv

  • Camicoatxl

    he just evolved from everyone’s bitch to a man!

  • martinez

    time to continue this, finally 😀

  • trisha

    So that’s why his eyes look dead in the opening. :'(

  • Tyler

    Damn straight.

    Thank you!

  • Relgoshan

    “On the next episode of Soul Raper…..”

    Put that geek in a dress and he’d be a Strike Witch, albeit the helpless whiny bitch type that always fucks up somehow.

    The only good ending would be like Death Note, 10 rounds in the chest and try to forget the whole thing ever happened….

    • Pawprint

      You have insulted my Strike Witches. I demand satisfaction.

      • Rokudaime

        You demand “satisfaction”, not “compensation”? ;D

      • Relgoshan

        Oh go read “Witches no Panties”

        That show isn’t on my top 10 but I watched it once and probably will again. There is a whole world filled with females aged 5 to 45 who *for some reason* simply do not wear anything on their legs or over their panties. The Japanese standard school uniform is a sailor top and a classic one-piece. The few guys we see are totally normal and tend to completely ignore all that exposure. My theory to explain that involves a lot of bedroom action off-camera….

        I’m just saying you could slap a skirt on some femmy bitch male lead and see if the Idolmaster formula can widen Strike Witches’ fan base a little further. Anything to pry that shitheel Shoe out of a wasted time slot can only be a good thing.

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