Recruiting Translators

Recruiting Image Editors

We’re recruiting a few Japanese > English translators for new shows next season.

Previous fansubbing experience is not necessary. You should have a reasonable level of English, and have good experience with Japanese. To elaborate, you should have been speaking Japanese for a number of years, and for those of you who may have specific qualifications, the average fansub translator is a JLPT3, though this qualification can’t account for cultural knowledge, etc.

If you believe you’re up to the task, you can join #doki-recruits on

Alternatively, you can email me at Make sure your email is detailed.

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  • PolynAzn

    No one likes you Dys. 😛

  • suomynona

    I like the picture.

    • Rokudaime

      Me too! Kuroneko in a box! XD Can I take her home with me Dys? Hauu~ <3

      • Me


        By the way, sorry about earlier. My fault for being a bit stressed and I guess you got a few bitchy comments, not your fault but yeah..

        • Rokudaime

          Thanks man. Really. Now I can let go. People may make fun of me for this, but it rather bothered me you know. : ) Anyway, I withdraw my rude remarks, and apologize. maybe if I had been nicer when I first commented on the whole joke thing, maybe this wouldn’t have happened….

          • Rokudaime

            Ugh…now I really wish I could remove my above bitching…please let it slide? Not mad? ^^’

          • Me

            No worrys, It’s fine.

            I’m not around enough to see you on the cbox so I thought here would be best. Again sorry and it’s fine lol

          • Rokudaime

            Well, I don’t use the cbox anyway, so you wouldn’t have seen me there even if you were around all the time. Good thing you chose the comments instead. ; )

            Oh, and to whomever among the Doki staff who silently edited one of my above posts: Thanks. ^^

  • Assasin_Cross

    Join Doki and get free lolis!

  • dae-kun

    I love you, kuroneko.

  • Me

    By the way good luck with your recruitment stuff Dys. Hope you get a few people to join.

  • wow, the average translator is only JPLT3? is that the old level 3 or the current N3?

    • Dys

      I believe the old level 3.

      Our current TL’s are all JLPT 2 or 1, but beggars can’t be choosers.

      The JLPT1’s are stuck grading the tests. XD

    • Aidolon

      I was totally surprised by this, too. I’m only formally certified at old JLPT3, although I think I could pass N3 without too much trouble. Still hope to get better so that I can pass N2.

      @Dys – do you have any materials which we could “test our mettle” against? For instance, one of the backlogged episodes of Haganai?

      I don’t know know if I’d be good enough to translate – or whether Doki would have me for instance – but at the very least I’d be interested to try, in order to gauge my own abilities.

  • Danuchiha

    What show you guys doing in the Winter 2011

  • Demontaco


      • I have come to really appreciate the wit shown by Doki staff. Brightens up my day!

        • Rokudaime

          Well, Ixlone is the king in that regard. ; ) Though I still miss the times back when Jecht visited this site alot. Some of his replys to dumb trolls was the best! XD

          • Me

            Sounds fun, all I really remember is that Jecht was a project leader along with Holo and someone else, I don’t remember reading the comments much, I mostly just said thanks and moved along lol

            But yeah, all the Doki staff have some awesome replies to idiots, replies that aren’t silly but work so well :3

          • Rokudaime

            Well, Jecht USED to be the leader of SGKK fansubs until recently, but he’s gotten to busy with life these days from what I can understand (sorry if this is old news that you already know about. I don’t know how informed you are. :p ). Whenever he made a new thread over here though, he would typically open them with things like ” ‘Sup faggots!”, and make pawnage remarks toward people making lame troll comments (well, he pretty much did this everywhere else as well. :p ). I love the guy. 😀

          • Gyzome

            Jecht is still kinda involved in fansubbing, but right now, he’s got other priorities. I don’t see him dropping fansubbing so as soon as he’s got his shit in order, I expect him to return to the scene more actively.

          • Rokudaime

            I hope so. Looking forard to that. ; )

          • Me

            He sounds busy, just saw on the SGKK website that he moved to the UK early november. One things for sure, getting oneself settled down and established in England is anything but easy lol

            It says here

            I haven’t downloaded anything from there before but all the best to him, hope he gets himself sorted.

          • Rokudaime

            Ye, read that one when it came out. Hope things work out for him. And although I don’t have much hope for it (because Bleach and Naruto movies usually all suck), I’m waiting for the 4th Bleach movie from them…

      • Demontaco

        i had a witty reply to this, but i realized i couldnt caps lock AND reply in japanese, so it all fell apart.

  • I’m only very good at English… enough t obe chosen as a judge on a writing contest. But I guess that won’t help me here. ^^;

    I wish I knew Japanese. >_>;

  • specie8470

    I sooo want a second season of Ore No Innouto!

  • Pawprint

    I too am not a translator, so I figured that means I am obligated to reply to this thread.

    Also, I wish to have carnal relations with Kuroneko.

    Thank you.

  • >the average fansub translator is a JLPT3

    And this is why your group reputation is what it is.

    I personally wouldn’t put anyone who’s any less than fluent in charge of translating over here at UTW. And even then, sometimes we still have a second translator go over scripts after editing to make sure everything should be what it is.

    I don’t think you can even watch anime raw with JLPT N2 and have >90% comprehension unless the show is retardedly easy. And even JLPT N1 is no guarantee that one is fluent, since JLPT completely ignores speaking and writing.

    Your statement is inaccurate and invalid, and you are making the rest of us look b- Oh wait, you just might be right if we factor in groups like you.


    • Thanks for your opinion. I’ll be sure to file it in my care draw right next to something equally worthless.

      • anon

        Exactly how it’s worthless? Don’t want to accept the reality, huh? Raze is speaking nothing but the truth; it’s an undisputable fact that you’ve had some very questionable releases wrt translation accuracy, Hoshikaka and Shana III for example.

        • Rokudaime

          Truth. There’s several examples actually, but you always keep brushing off comments about them as having no value, Ixlone. Instead, you guys ougtha take some of it to heart, and try to do something about it. Though I’m hoping Shana was a particularly bad case. Ofcourse I’m not saying you should listen to rude/insulting remarks, or comments that are retarded, or unconstructive, but, for instance, you oughta take note of some of the massive and heated discussions about some of your poorer jobs in threads at AniDB and BakaBT, or 8thsin’s reviews.

        • Index

          maybe u need to read whole post, Sir.

      • Index

        look! Ixlone caring show is rollin’!!!!

        ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

    • Dys

      Bro, I’m here to fansub. I’m here because I enjoy spending my time making it so people who don’t understand Japanese still get the enjoyment of anime and the Japanese culture that comes with it. I do that to the best of my abilities, like the rest of my friends here at Doki. That’s my ultimate goal.

      Between the two of us, the only one of us giving anything or anyone a bad name is you to yourself, when you come around making sad and misinformed posts like that one, and leaving a little drama in your wake. Then again, perhaps you’re too busy being *superior* to have noticed. Our group reputation is what it is because people like you enjoy coming around and starting pissing contests instead of just doing what you do.

      For the record, 2 of our active translators are JLPT1, one of which lives and works in Japan. Another has been speaking Japanese for years, literally predating the JLPT qualification.

      • Me

        Well said but why should anyone here really care what Raze has to stay? This is a great group with some friendly individuals, you don’t have to be perfect, heck you have 1000s of people that come every day/week for your stuff, you do a great job.

        At the end of the day, his post isn’t going to make the slightest bit of difference to the people that come here who aren’t staff members. I know I don’t speak for everyone but no one here expects perfection.

        • Well, you got me curious after all. So I did a little looking at site traffic. I’d say our reputation is pretty good, considering our world ranking and amount of visitors.

 website Rank: 73,795

 website Rank: 90,206

 website Rank: 104,802

 Rank: 116,567

 Rank: 148,097

 Rank: 183,257

          Edit: Our last five month average visitors is 1,055,092.

          • Me

            Mostly my point, I’ve always seen Doki has a pretty popular group. Certainly if you look on Bakabt there are more Doki torrents than most other groups anyway.

            A dozen critics no one really cares about isn’t going to change the fact Doki is popular lol

          • …Dude, are you seriously using website traffic as a measurement? And using it to say what is basically “amount of website visits = quality”? And Alexa ranking to boot? You do know that Alexa ranking is pretty much the most unreliable website ranking out there, right? The statistics are compiled solely with Internet Explorer users that willfully install the Alexa tracking plugin. You should realize that this is not in any way an accurate representation of actual traffic.

          • Me

            Actually he’s refuting Razes comment that Doki has a bad rep amongst the internet elite(the people no one really cares about really outside their social circles) by saying for a group that gets a decent amount of website visits a month, that’s pretty much garbage.

            Nowhere in his comment is he saying more hits = quality.

            Anyway you’re the Nyaatorrents owner right? Pretty uneven playing ground there as you won’t allow Doki torrents to be released there, thus less exposure on your torrent dumping ground.

            Forgive me if im wrong, someone anonymously posted that you banned Dokis torrents from Nyaa in the Cbox. Unsure if true.

          • I don’t know if we should be flattered that you like to check out our site so much. I’ve never felt the need to go to yours (for good reason, I can just download horriblesubs instead of your lolz versions).

            As for the figures, test sample is test sample. I’d bother looking them up on another ranking site, but :effort: and I can’t bring myself to care that much.

            Facts are facts. We have plenty of fans who like our work, and no doubt people who don’t, such is life. Much like every other fansub group I might add.


          • Index

            ohh Daiz, i miss u so much ❤

    • Let me clarify a few things.

      I’m not trying to be elitist, nor do I visit your site. I really couldn’t care less about what you people are doing, but when you post something retarded like “the average fansub translator is a JLPT3” without even knowing what it means or implicates (pretty sure you’re not a translator… yep, according to your staff page, you aren’t), you’re practically just asking for that sort of reply.

      If JLPT3 really is the average TL level in your group, I have nothing to say. You’re basically letting people who only understand parts of the script handle the most important stage of the scriptmaking process. And no matter how enthusiastic your staff may be, no amount of passion can make up for a genuine lack of skill.

      We’re no different in that we enjoy anime and want to share that experience with everyone. But have you ever considered that you might be ruining it for everyone if you hire lousy translators/staff and muck up the script? Think about it.

      You can keep deluding yourself that what I’m saying is “sad and misinformed”, but for the sake of your supporters and your staff I highly suggest you raise your requirements. Please.

      • Rokudaime

        I agree, but Doki also has alot of talented staff and translators as well. I can’t think of a time I haven’t been happy with Thaerin’s translations for instance. I love Doki and most of their work, but I also think they have a few cases that are pretty bad, that they never really seem to be willing to admit, and this is what bothers me the most. I’m an archiver-type, so I only look for the best quality for each show. As such, I value the input of others, especially a few select, skilled people, such as 8thsin (“Me”, some people outside of the social circles care. I’m a good example). It bothers me a bit that Ixlone always brushes any critique off as nonsense, and insignificant mutter. Finally, I’d like to say that I agree with Dys that Raze is being a bit too dramatic, but I most certainly do not think his post is sad, and it does not seem misinformed to me.

        • I just simply don’t care for critics in any walk of life. People who have nothing better to do than pick fault at other peoples work, yet 99% of the time have nothing to show themselves are of no interest to me, and yes, I won’t be reading such websites any time soon. Also just because I said I have no interest in reading someone’s blog on our work does not mean I “brush off” critique as nonsense.

          You may not have noticed but I tend to read every comment and I fix errors we make in shows that people report, or I add them to our internal wiki to be fixed for the BD release.

          We delay shows that need more work and will get around to improving their quality as and when we can. For example, Nanakoto is currently improving our SYD version, since the first version was pretty bad, it has taken a while, but we are getting to it. Thaerin has already TLC’d every episode of Mayo Chiki for BD and is working on improving Iroha. Three examples of shows that didn’t get the love they needed first time around will all have a much better release coming.

          • Rokudaime

            Yes, I know you guys are pretty good and thorough when it comes to fixing up mistakes for your BD batches. I appreciate that.

        • Me


          Sorry, I’ll add you to the imaginary list of people here who care. Which is pretty small going by this post alone, which seems to just have 1 name so far.

          • Rokudaime

            Well yes, I don’t imagine there’s an overflowing amount of people like me, so you’re probably right about that. I doubt I’m the only one though, I’m pretty sure there are several others. Also, I don’t expect a whole lot of people to jump into this discussion just to say “I care!”, so while it is true that it “is pretty small going by this post alone”, you can’t really use that as a measurement.

          • Me

            Lol I was worried you’d take that the wrong way 😛

            Anyway I had no idea either of these 2 people existed before yesterday.

        • Index

          without u say anything, i believe as professional fansubber, they already improved themselves.

          • Rokudaime

            They have indeed. Just like several other fansub groups have over time. I believe that is a quite normal process. I never claimed otherwise.

      • odinigh

        Isn’t over half of this argument covered in the recruitment post itself?
        “You should have good experience with Japanese.”
        “… have been speaking Japanese for a number of years”

        “For those of you who may have specific qualifications, the average fansub translator is a JLPT3, though this qualification can’t account for cultural knowledge, etc.”

        For those of you paying attention.
        No group is perfect. I know some of you out there like to think you’re the best, but none care.
        It gets brushed aside because you sound too much like whining little children.

        If you’re going to bitch about a group being bad, go to #Hadena and go waste your breath there instead.

    • Kusion

      i fear for fansubbing when the “average” translator is jlpt n3.

      i’m also surprised that doki has translation checkers and their releases still turn out sub-par. don’t tell me your tlc is jlpt n4 or n5?

      • odinigh

        I guess you would have a point if they were translating off of CC’s all the time. But jlpt n3 is at least basic understanding, and that’s what TLC’s are for. And like raze said above, jlpt does not mean fluency.
        If you have a problem with a TV release, well, duh. It’s a TV release. The group takes pride in its BD releases. tlc are jlpt n2 and jlpt n1 as far as I know. I haven’t heard of a jlpt n3+ tlc around here.

        Kusion my fellow timer, don’t fall into retarded arguments for another’s sake.

        • Kusion

          i think a group that chooses to do more than 3 shows should take pride in its TV release quality, not just its blu-ray release quality (people actually care about these? /shrug)

          jlpt n3 is a good level for a TLC? for a basic understanding? if anything, the translator should have the basic understanding, while the TLC is completely fluent. then again, that’s my view on it.

          you’re not really a timer until you’re better than me, though, so~ enjoy your mediocrity, friend.
          (that’d also imply that i still time, dang)

          • odinigh

            Actually, I’m surprised people care about TV releases.
            Guess it’s kind of backwards for me.
            They take pride in all their works, there’s pretty much different sets of staff that work on the BD releases as opposed tot he TV.

            I didn’t say jlpt n3 was a good level for tlc.
            I think you misread my post there, I also said tl should be basic and tlc should be fluent.

            and if you’re not timing anymore, doesn’t that make me a better timer? :p
            Even though I time well enough as it is, we all strive to better ourselves in what we do.

          • Rokudaime

            I’m the same as you odinigh, in that I care about the BD releases, and not the TV ones. I’m not really sure we’re the majority though…the way alot of people on this site keeps nagging on about the TV releases makes me wonder if maybe the other way around is more common…

  • Continuing the above conversation will only disrupt the purpose of this post, which is to attract TL candidates. I would recommend others restrain from being drawn into the fray, as it will only serve an external modus operandi.

  • Index

    Well, is it really a coincidence that some people from UTW are visiting this site?

    don’t tell me, more people will come


    • Me

      On the plus side, at least this is nothing but a minor disagreement and nothing more. Internet arguing is just so meh.

      Life will go on, and not a care in the world was given by the people of Doki.

  • Jesus mother of fuck, what is this?

    Sup Daiz.

  • LoDiMoK

    Keep ’em coming…! Perhaps we’ll be able to have a very merry party w/food and everythin’ ~ne…? 😉

    ” Lack of skill or knowledge can be easily compensated by some creativity… ” Go figure… XD

    Just… Try not to make the free LOLI sad… Ne~ :p

  • ryuu_zer0

    I don’t even…

  • Assasin_Cross

    >mfw Daiz is here…. I thought he was dead long time ago

  • sakurazakii

    i want the free loli ,,
    but i cant TL , :((

  • Kami-sama

    recruit TLs who can actually translate on time and not delay shows.. useless douches

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