LAMA - Fantasy/Cupid


Translation: Thaerin (Lyrical Nonsense)
K-timing: masat
Encode: Solstice

We have here a beautiful pair of PVs from LAMA! Make sure to watch them together to enjoy the very cool interweaving themes. Would also like to give a big thank you to Kenji, who capped these down for us!

Cupid: [Doki] LAMA – Cupid (1280×720 h264 AAC) [E9B0320F].mkv


Fantasy: [Doki] LAMA – Fantasy (1280×720 h264 AAC) [69A125BE].mkv


5 comments to 「PV」LAMA – “Fantasy” and “Cupid”

  • solstice

    Finally! Fantasy is simply the best ED this season and also very fitting for UN-GO, whereas Cupid is just a super fun song.

    And Kenji baby, I love you. :* You are simply the best. Thanks for capping stuff for me, us!

    And masat, thanks for ktiming. You really are golden.

  • littlejinx

    i can’t tell you happy i am to see this 🙂 I love Un-Go’s ending song, you guys have awesome quality, which is only deserving for a beautiful song like fantasy ^^ you guys are soooo great for doing this!
    will be sticking with you for un-go all the way ^^

  • littlejinx

    will you be doing ‘how to go’ by school food punishment as well? *gives the puppy-eye look* 🙂 ahh i know that’s pretty demanding so it’s fine if you don’t… ^^

  • Fantasy, 0:35 – “matome” —> “motome”

    For those who notice/care, I apologize. Had some out of date script action there~

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