Chibi Devi – 04

Chibi Devi - 04

This show just makes me lol. I feel like a 5 year old for enjoying this.


HD: [Doki] Chibi Devi – 04 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [6AB58E85].mkv


SD: [Doki] Chibi Devi – 04 (848×480 h264 AAC) [80FFB7A3].mkv


9 comments to Chibi Devi – 04

  • Sakura S.

    I know what you mean! But you just can’t help it, ya know? This show is just so freakin’ adorable!! o(>w<)o

  • Rokudaime

    Indeed. Don’t worry Dys, I’m enjoying this show too! ; D Can’t help but smile when watching it. And I’m 24 lol…

    Oh and hey, when are you gonna finish my SHUFFLE! batch, hmm? ; ) I’m still patiently waiting for that one you know. May not be many people left out there who care, but don’t forget about us now. : p

    • Dys

      Lots of stuff to be fixed with karaoke issues and some stuff I had a TL look over post release. It’s going to take a lot of time, and in case you hadn’t noticed by looking at the front page lately, I don’t have a whole lot of that.

      • Rokudaime

        Ok, thanks for the info. And yes, I’ve noticed how incredibly busy you are with releases these days (I check the site every day, and read all the posts, so I know how many are made by you), especially since Holo doesn’t really have time for fansubbing at the moment. ; ) Appreciate the work you guys are doing. I’l wait.

  • Yumeji89

    This show makes me cry tears of moe every week.

  • The opening song rocks my life.

  • sneezl

    I’d comment, but I have to leave – Beat Girls is about to start!

  • Home_Despot

    I hope those who like this series have had a chance to see Daa! Daa! Daa! (aka “UFO Baby”). The subs for this 78 episode series are now close to completion after long delay, thanks to one or two resuscitated stiffs over at the late great Frostii Fansubs.

  • LuigiP

    when will be the released batch of this? any update of this?

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