Persona 4 The Animation – 05

Persona 4 The Animation - 05

Whatever you think is happening in this screenshot, I can assure, that’s exactly what’s happening.

Sorry we were slow this week guys. TL got called into work about 2 hours before airing. We figured TL goes to work, gets paid, continues living and continues TLing was a better option than skipping work and losing said job.

I loved the episode this week though. So awesome to be seeing the social links. Also, I’m pretty sure that, aside from Itou Kanae, the voice cast for the social links wasn’t quite as all star as this for the original game.


HD: [Doki] Persona 4 The Animation – 05 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [DC79A8E3].mkv


SD: [Doki] Persona 4 The Animation – 05 (848×480 h264 AAC) [7AB3456D].mkv


32 comments to Persona 4 The Animation – 05

  • Absolute.Zero

    Sensou? o.O

  • Yunica

    Oh my, that’s terrible. Surely there’s a kitten stuck on top the fence and she just can’t reach it.

  • himie

    Itou Kanae made my ears bleed while timing this.

  • Bertman

    Thanks for the subs!

  • rpgman1

    It was quite an all-star cast. Narukami isn’t that kind of person considering his stoic expression. Love the catfight between Chie and Ai though. I wanted to see something like that in the game and Ai is the closest we can get in the game.

  • Kaioshoryuken

    Thanks for the high HD quality ad-free rip… I was suffering through Hulu last night trying to watch this, lol. You guys are the best! I also think, personality wise, kou was represented a bit differently in the English version of the game… well hopefully one day I’ll know enough Japanese to play this game in the original language 😛

    • Mimori

      You’re learning Japanese? Woo! Good luck! 😀 Learning a foreign language is a big endeavour, but it’s also a super-fun and fulfilling one. I can safely say that starting to study Japanese was one of the best things I ever did, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it just as much. ^^

      • Leon-Gun

        I’m sure it was fullfilling. Learning a foreign language is always fun although the second language I know (English) was basically picked up as I grew up.

        BTW, real-life obligations always come first so I think I speak for everyone when I say we rather you keep your actual job than lose it over an anime. (I’m assuming you’re the TL right?) xD Keep doing a great job on the series.

        • Mimori

          English is your second language? Wah, I wouldn’t have guessed. Your English is super-good! I speak a handful of languages to varying degrees, but none even close to that level. ^^” What’s your first language, out of curiosity? 😀

          Yep, I’m the translator. ^^ And thank you for your concern, but things will be back to normal next week. It’s true that real life comes first, but it kind of defeats the purpose of it being a speed sub if it’s… ah… not speedy, so I’d like to avoid such events in future. :’D So sorry for the delay this week! All kudos to Dys and himie for getting it out very quickly after it was finished and not delaying it any further~!

          • Leon-Gun

            You have a great sense of responsibility, which I like. My first language is Spanish, as I’m from Puerto Rico. We’re “forced” to study English but most people never really care for it that much. I myself merely got the basics from school and the rest came from being curious, along with pretty much seeing and reading everything I could in English in order to expand my vocabulary.

            I’m sure if I invested enough time I could learn another language (I’ve been really hoping to learn some japanese or another of the latin langauges) but too much college work along with some lazyness from my part stopped me.

  • wdf

    Best episode so far for this series. Thanks for the hard work : ). Any1 else notice Narukami’s ringtone for Ai is the song from Catherine when you die?

  • Elvin21

    Well, better late than never… Thanks for the release! BTW, nice vid cap!

  • macxxx007

    Joy! I can watch stuff! I KILLED THAT FUCKING MALWARE!

    Thanks so much for the episode… please pardon my language… I’M JUST SO HAPPY!

  • Leon-Gun

    Well I’m not ussually one to point out mistakes much, mainly cause I don’t mind them a lot but this is something that bugged me a little since you used Japanese order for names, when Adachi Tohru is introduced you used the western order all of a sudden and called hom Tohru Adachi instead (well Tooru to be more precise but I have no grounds to judge the way you romanized it). Just thought it was odd.

    And I rewatched the bonding scene between Ebihara and Yuu a couple of times and I keep hearing her say she was called Buta-hara, not just disgusting pig. I thought it was just my head since I’m used to the “piggyhara” bit cause it’s how they called her in the NA version but I kept hearing it when I went back so I thought I’d mention it.

    Sorry if it seems ike I’m complaining or anything.

    • Dys

      Yeah, thanks for catching the first one. As for Tooru vs Tohru, that’s a style decision based on the fact that “oh” is a really crap way to romanise the extended syllable. I usually catch stuff like that but I seem to have missed it this time.

      You’d have to take the second one up with Mimori though, I can’t speak much about that one.

  • Ranzis

    Wow, Yuu just went from Rank 1 to maxed in one episode.
    Unbelieveable…and they left out the part about Kou’s grandma. He could come back…

    Why the heck was my MC so slow in the game?
    And folding cranes. Hah, I laughed.
    And when he was asked to skip morning classes, I was waiting for it to say “You don’t have enough courage”.
    Would have been the best.

    And wow, the cast for the animation is pretty damn good.
    I never actually realised…
    Too bad they won’t have Marie in here, otherwise Kana Hanazawa would’ve be in here as well.

    • Dys

      Well, you have to think, if this is 24 episodes, they have the relationships between the main characters and the main plot to worry about. If they spend too long on each social link, we’d be talking a 3 season show XD

      I think they’ve got the right idea, the way they’re doing it.

      I’d watch it if it were 2 or 3 seasons, but you know it wouldn’t manage to keep up the pace and content to fill the gaps around the social links. Everyone would just get bored.

  • Jarelle

    Voice of Ohana from Iroha Hanasaku sure is being loved by anime productions

  • Forgey

    2 social links in a few weeks? What sorcery is this!?

  • hope

    There are some comments I need to say (er, type).

    1. My love for Kou just increased by 100000%. While I didn’t even max out his SL back in the game, lol. The fanservice. Blushing. FANSERVICE. Noooo *dying of his kawaii close-up blushing face*

    2. Yuu plays Catherine!? Lol.

    3. I totally love many cute-yet-funny Yuu expressions in this episode. Can’t wait for other girls. Preferably ones in the party. Or a certain genderbent detective.


    Thank you for all your hard work, you guys are awesome, and I do believe that “TL goes to work, gets paid, continues living and continues TLing” was certainly the better option

  • Dann

    I love Narukami ring tone when Ebihara call him. XD LOL! EPIC!

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