Persona 4 The Animation – 04

Persona 4 The Animation - 04

It’s time for Chie to kick some ass! You betcha.

So, it seems some people aren’t so happy with the way things are going so far. I’m pretty damned happy with it myself. Having played the official English version of the game and the Japanese, I think they’ve done an extraordinary job with it thus far.

Enjoy it!

HD: [Doki] Persona 4 The Animation – 04 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [39B3E566].mkv


SD: [Doki] Persona 4 The Animation – 04 (848×480 h264 AAC) [B011A0A7].mkv


54 comments to Persona 4 The Animation – 04

  • I’ve played P3P and watched all of P4 (the game) online so I’m quite happy with the anime adaption so far. It seems like next episode will be focused on the school social links, it should be interesting to see what route the anime takes.

  • Anonymous

    What’s with the hates?

    There isn’t much to tell anyway as until they rescue Yukiko the game was still pretty much in the early stage, then only the plot started to deepen.

    Also the game is about the protagonist make friends and form bonds with people around him in, so I don’t see anything wrong with it so far.

  • Random45

    I really hope now that they’ve got the initial four members of the group that they’ll stop doing dungeons for a little bit. Since they got Yukiko so early, I foresee a time jump of a week or two, and then an episode of the MC getting to actually know his friends (and give him a personality while they’re at it), then the next will focus on them being all detective on Kanji, and THEN episode 7 should be the next dungeon episode.

    That would be my ideal situation.

  • rpgman1

    Did you see the MC’s Courage? It’s the highest out of his personal stats. I remember that high Courage is needed to start the Moon S. Link. So that means we can see MC skipping class to meet up with Ai. I wonder how many S. Links will he have in the next episode. Knocking at least 2 out will be very good because he didn’t get a bond yet with Yukiko.

  • Quentin Veslovious Cox

    Yeah I noticed that, which is weird because I remember courage being the most difficult stat to raise until your diligence was high enough and even then it was a slow process.

  • izanagi

    the anime is good, but the game still very much better

  • Probably the best episode of the bunch so far, and that’s saying a lot when the quality has been so high. Even though I’ve already played the game, I was fully immersed in Yukiko’s mental struggles and enjoyed the boss battle.

    No idea why some people have complained about the series when, as an adaptation, it couldn’t have been better. AIC inserted various game elements, such as the calendar and well-timed music, and even though the pacing is fast they haven’t missed a beat.

    Don’t listen to the arseholes on MAL saying that your subs aren’t Beary good. And thanks SO MUCH for releasing HQ SD releases, alongside HD ones. I can’t repair Windows and CoreAVC doesn’t work on Linux, so I can only watch SD encodes. <3

  • …Oh, and there’s obviously going to be a ton of social linking inserted before the next dungeon. Yukiko’s was gotten out of the way ASAP for an episode or two of downtime.

    Ad for the silent lead not being turned into a chatterbox: people would complain about needless filler if he said new lines 24/7. Damned if they do, damned of they don’t.

  • Wolfie

    When is episode 5 gonna be up? How long is the delay, and why is it delayed?

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