Guilty Crown – 01

Guilty Crown - 01

And thus we bring you more noitaminA. I have to say, this one made one hell of a good impression on me at episode 1.


HD: [Doki] Guilty Crown – 01 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [9A511B08].mkv


SD: [Doki] Guilty Crown – 01 (848×480 h264 AAC) [0D556C93].mkv


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  • Karsen

    Well, instead for me, after watched it, i onlt felt bad vibes like for show as Sacred Seven or SD lately, overused Utena style lately, where you find weapons or items into girls, Dantalian or Ao no Exorcist, main chara that “casually” is always at the right moment in the right place and yeah, you can have a sword, but usually if you’re conscious, you don’t jump on a place around 4 meter high without doing nothing to yourself, for don’t say that when you caught what you can call a “terrorist”, you don’t kill after all the people around the place except the guy/girl in question. For me find it too much stupid really lol

  • nakhart

    If I convert this to .mp4 softsubbed, will I able to play it at my ps3 or HDtv? or it should be .mp4 hardsubbed? (sry if my English sucks).

    • DarkSpace

      PS3 – as far as I know, haven’t tried is as of late – won’t accept softsubs from mp4 at all, you’d have to hardsub it.
      Also, I’d do an upscale to 1080p (if the screen is, else not), as the device will do that anyway, but only afterwards do the subtitle overlay, resulting in 720p upscaled to 1080p video and full-1080p subtitles.

  • Lincoln

    Definitely hardsubbed, AFAIK PS3 do not have any support for anime sub files (.ass). If you’re looking for a program that does this, use Handbrake (Make sure you select the appropriate subs in the subtitle section), it’s quick and easy, but doesn’t support subtitle animation. Mostly unnoticeable, unless you *really* like karaeoke.

    I hear PS3 media server can stream the episode to your PS3, subtitles intact. Though you have to have both your PS3 and PC turnedon,and on the same network.

  • dotzeno

    thanks for the great episode.

    one problem: the japanese section in the beginning is not centered when viewing for me. the ending is perfect although, the format seems to be different in that it goes, from top to bottom, translation-japanese-romanji and not translation-romanji-japanese.

    this happen to anyone else?

  • Alex

    This anime looks great. Can’t wait to see the opening in the next episode.

    Thanks Doki!

  • IMNC

    I love the jazzy soundtrack… Now I have to watch Cowboy Bebop again.

  • John

    This is easily one of the Best show this fall!

  • Nathan

    This show looks great; Supercell on the music, guy who did Death Note and HOT:D on the lead position… hopefully it won’t disappoint. The first episode didn’t, at least. Plus I just like the name. “Guilty Crown”~ Ty, doki! 😀

  • I don’t care about no Shining Tears X Wind, ain’t no new Geass anime in store for at least 2years. So all haters need to crawl back under your rocks and go ask your daddy’s why they work as mascot stunt doubles for GEICO!

    To the most Honorable Doki team ありがとう!

    Best anime to come along in years. I’m not going to let anyone rain on my parade! We got the Crown and I don’t feel Guilty one bit! :-p

  • Umm.. Yeah. Just saw your version.. Luv you guys! Your awesome! But.. It would have been nicer if you avoided translating the song and just went with the dialogue. YOUR STILL THE BEST! #justsaying

  • 19:16 line: “Take it Shun. This time for sure.”

    I think u guys got d wrong name here. It shouldn’t be ShuN, but Shu (or Shuu)

    • red8356

      I figured “Shun” was a like a pet name or something that a friend would call the main character. It’s like a contraction of his name and a particular honorific.

      Example: Shu-kun = Shun

  • @nikolai131 : I don’t think that is a big deal thought lol.

  • Great first episode. I absolutely love it. I wish I could fast forward time so I could marathon it. I also love the song that she sings in the beginning. It’s beautiful. Currently looking for an mp3 of it. (I doubt I’ll find one though.)

  • baka

    Please, make hi10p for this anime! It really needs it!
    Just compare the screens to the 10-bit release and you’ll see.

  • John

    Any word as to when Eps 2 will be released, or was this series caught in the most recent set of issues like Shana and Tomodachi?

  • chelsea

    can’t wait for this to download.
    i’ve heard really great things about it.

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