Recruiting Image Editors for VN

Recruiting Image Editors

We’re recruiting image editors for our Visual Novels Department.

The basic job description is that you should be able, via use of the image editing software of your choice, replace the Kanji text in an image with English text. It’s not a simple erase and replace job but would require a reasonable level of skill with your image editing software, and attention to detail.

You would not be affiailiated with the main branch of Doki in any way, and would be working exclusively with the visual novels department.

If you’re interested, and think you have the particular skills needed, you can join our recruits channel on IRC and ask for Tatsuya, or you can send an email to . I recommend contacting via email, as Tatsuya is not often available in the -recruits room.

EDIT: For those of you who seem to think a FREE FANSUB GROUP would be paying you, think again.

EDIT 2: Recruitment for this position is now closed.

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