Mayo Chiki! – 11

Mayo Chiki! - 11

2 more episodes to go!

HD: [Doki] Mayo Chiki! – 11 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [916C63DB].mkv


SD: [Doki] Mayo Chiki! – 11 (848×480 h264 AAC) [1AABB44A].mkv


40 comments to Mayo Chiki! – 11

  • rurikomai

    I ♥ U doki…thanks.. DL-ing

  • gweana

    Worth every second waiting. Thanks 🙂

  • Hassy

    I was expecting for an armpit lick episode ,thx.

  • guy


    Any updates on Nichijou 25?

  • Relgoshan

    Hoping this one makes up for that shit they passed as ep10. After seeing it, this totally should be remembered as a 12ep series.

  • Omega

    Oh yeah, Suzutsuki <3

  • A. Crush

    Wow. That was fast.

  • Elvin21

    2 eps. to go for this show… But many to come… Thanks for the release!

  • It’s time for “The Perils Of Subaru”-Chapter 11. Thanks for the upload. Can’t make it thru the week without my Subaru-chan.


    Bakichiki tells Usami that “why did you ask HER so differently”. This doesn’t work because Usami doesn’t know that Subaru is a female, and the bakachiki shouldn be saying HIM

  • Furdemonlar

    Has Doki fansubs given up on Mayo Chiki? I’m not so desperate to download from from WhyNot? fansubs (which just released episode 13), but Ayako fansubs is good and has had episode 12 out for a week now. If Doki can’t put it out within the next day or so, I guess I’ll be watching the Ayako version.

    • Ixlone

      “And not a fuck was given.”

    • Index

      we don’t give a fuck about that

      • Furdemonlar

        Then there’s my answer. I thought you folk were some of the better fansubbers out there. Now I no longer “GIVE A FUCK” about Doki and shall speak out against whenever I get a chance. I mean seriously, 2 responses from children. I guess there’s no adults at Doki.

        • Index

          >If Doki can’t put it out within the next day or so, I guess I’ll be watching the Ayako version.

          think with ur brain, not ur ass, u selfish brat.
          who do you think u are? act like a boss like that ಠ益ಠ

          • Furdemonlar

            A simple “We’re too lazy to be anything close to punctual. Feel free to go elsewhere for your fansubs.” would have been nice. Instead I get a response from an ignorant ass of a brat. Unbelievable.

          • Ixlone

            I’ll get right on caring.

            You seem to forget we do this as a hobby, and as no obligation to you. Whining about it and saying you will go else where is just pathetic.

            But hey, if we are to lazy, feel free to sub it yourself, right?

          • Index

            because it’s funnier this way.
            to answer a comment from spoiled child like you

    • Index

      learn to speak polite ENGLISH, not GIBBERISH

  • S42

    lolo Ixlone and Index. I’m sure the rest of us will be patient. I am aware you won’t give a fuck about this either xD

  • Index

    looks like we need moar troll spray to clean unwanted trolls here

  • Mackenzae

    Yeah. I’m surprised people get ignorant and demand stuff from people who do this as a hobby. I mean come on yeah you can go find the shittiest sub when it comes out 3 hours after the airing or you can wait a few days and get something decent. I mean its the way things work whether its shows or just anything in general if you want something nicer you tend to have to wait.

  • Furdemonlar

    I know all about fansubbers as I’ve been downloading fansubs for 13 years. I’m aware most fansubbers do it as a hobby, but they should still maintain some degree of professionalism. I ask a serious question and make a comment and all I get are drivel responses from people who’s parents never taught them proper behavior. Go ahead and write yet another childish response if you must, but I wash my hands of this nonsense and shall comment no more. Nor shall I ever download anything done by Doki Fansubs ever again. I used to really like Doki, but now I know you guys seriously suck and I don’t give a fuck about you either.

  • I know that you don’t like being asked about when something is going to be released, but any plans for episode 12 ? 🙂

    This weekend, next week, in two weeks, next month ? I’ll wait for Doki’s release but having an estimate would help.


  • A

    Anyone not willing to wait for Doki can put themselves through a painful experience if they like by watching other groups, I learned that it’s best to wait for something that isn’t a steaming pile of shit.

    Might not enjoy waiting but I know what the alternatives are.

  • blackpooza

    This Sunday right?

  • DarkDays

    Ah, these comments were definitely worth a read.

    People seem to forget that Doki does not intentionally stall releases. It’s not like they just go, “Meh, don’t feel like doing it, now or for the next month.”

    When something is stalled for a long period of time, it means something happened to a member of the staff working on that show. Like Seikon no Qwaser, where a TL just up and vanished. That was hard to recover from, as you can’t just go, “Hey other TL already working on a few shows, want some more?”

    And for those who say that sometimes that’s not the case, that may be true, but even then, not everyone who is working on the show has chosen to ignore it, and certainly not Doki as a group. Doki adopted the “No fuck” policy after being bitched out for something that was one individual’s fault in the past. It’s not to be unfair to those who watch their releases.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Doki fanboy. No offense to Doki, but I do use a lot of other fansub groups for releases as well, and only in part because there are shows that Doki doesn’t do at all. I’m fairly confident Doki doesn’t care if I do or not, especially since their operations finances aren’t determined directly by how many people watch their releases, but rather how many people donate. And, they exercise common sense, and a have a lot of respect for a lot of other groups.

    Final note, Holo, I love you for your nondescript “Sunday” reply. That gives you an indefinite amount of time, you clever bastard. Lol. But now if you release it on any other day of the week, you’ll be a cruel person.

    Anyway, I apologize in advance if the length of this post violates commenting rules in a way I was unaware of, and I apologize for those who will experience TL;DR.

  • anon

    i hope its going to be this sunday. or next sunday would okay too.

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