No. 6 – 07

No. 6 - 07

Just past the half-way mark and things have gotten pretty exciting. For those of you who haven’t watched this wonderful show yet, avert your eyes from the petty discussions that go on about it and give it a try. I love this show to death and am so glad that I chose to work on it this season! Here’s to the remaining episodes! *cheers*


HD: [Doki] No. 6 – 07 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [74904C0F].mkv


SD: [Doki] No. 6 – 07 (848×480 h264 AAC) [0EAB5C12].mkv


52 comments to No. 6 – 07

  • Palindrome

    I never thanked you guys for subbing this. I mean you guys have done an awesome job, so you think i woulda said thanks by now….. thanks

  • Grim

    Thank you very much.

  • amen665

    oh no…… i’ve been tricked into watching Shounen Ai. dam you doki for doing a yaoi show. lol

    seriously, i went to MAL just to check. omfg!! why!!

    fk it…. i’ll just close my eyes when these guys are making out. im balls deep into this story already… i can’t drop it now.

  • Shio

    Shion could have totally just gave him a hug or manly arm to arm burly handshake. The fact he chose a kiss over a far less threatening hug probably alludes to more intense BL later. First it starts with longing gazes, then there’s a slow dance, now a kiss, it can only escalate from there.
    I will be so sad if Safu is shafted for Nezumi.

  • loomy

    lol to the ppl who just found out after this episode that those two were in love with each other …

    you could already see that after the first three episodes >.> …

    anyway, as long as no yaoi is in there i am fine with it, since the story is pretty nice and the way this anime is animated and set into picture with alot of details is simply great

  • ImJustMe

    I am so amused by the insecure little boys who drop this series at the blink of an eye because there’s an ‘ew KISS’, while they probably drool all over the place when moe girls grope other moe girls like the world depended on it, complete with squeals and blushes and whatnot. This was a mature, emotional kiss, not some fanservice catering. So what’s the problem? Really? But sorry, you’d rather have panty shots of Safu and her making out with her BFF, right? And this show is josei, not seinen.

    Anyway, that said… Thank you so much for subbing this, Doki~ Wonderful job.

    • Guest1

      I didnt drop it because of the kiss, i droped because of the signs it wold be boring, yea the story looks nice, yeah it has good animation, but the 3 first episode where things started to show up and it wasnt as good as i expected i put it on the list called: “BD list to watch when i am totally drunk”

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