Mayo Chiki! – 04

Mayo Chiki! - 04

Subaru or Kanade?

HD: [Doki] Mayo Chiki! – 04 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [08C1092D].mkv


SD: [Doki] Mayo Chiki! – 04 (848×480 h264 AAC) [85B0F3D6].mkv


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  • TadeshiED


  • macxxx007


    Thanks for the episode and please have a good weekend!

  • TT

    Subaru, verily.
    Though I am a fan of red heads and DFC.

  • vhince4005

    KANADE,, she’s to hot!!

  • That melody at the sponsors after the opening, I’d never expected that to hear in an anime, and especially not at a sponsors part.

  • Elvin21

    If I can answer both, fine! If choose only one… I say Subaru… Thanks for the release! Waiting for Ohana…

  • Ibitro

    Kanade… Subaru has too many problems whereas Kanade has a brain and seems like the type to be reasonable and passionate once you get to be on a familiar basis with each other.

  • snowblossom

    How hard is it to spell Kureha properly?

  • Majin

    A version 2 of this episode will hopefully be released as there are a lot of translation mistakes in the second half.

  • *0*

    does that mean we ganaa need to wait for v2 till all eps will come out? -.-

    also where ep? 5? 🙂

  • A.Crush

    Fix’d eps make it into the batches when the series is completed and/or comes out on DVD/Blu-ray.

    Ep 5 is to be released “tonight”, but it’s said that for a day or so…

  • Checksum32

    Firstly, this series needs a proper TLCer. Or, the current one is incompetent.

    3:21 “You see, Subaru left her purse and was kicked out of her house. Also-“ – Kanade isn’t saying that Subaru LEFT her purse at her house, she says that she LOST it soon after leaving. Also, Subaru most likely doesn’t live at her house, but lives with Kanade.
    6:02 “Well, I guess I’ll go prepare the bath.” – The line doesn’t encompass the fact that he will do the laundry as well as preparing the bath. Jirou responds to Subaru’s previous statement about having laundry to do.
    6:08 “My bad.” – In this case “Warui na” means that Jirou isn’t apologizing to Subaru about her will that she’s going to do the chores, Jirou is thanking her.
    6:32 “I really should be taking a ba-“ – Jirou isn’t directly saying that he should be taking a bath, he simply states that the bath should be ready by now. “Sorosoro furo ga waku koro-“
    6:42 “Since you want to do the laundry,” – Jirou doesn’t say that Subaru wants to do the laundry; he says to not mind it for now. “Toriaizu sentaku wa iikara,”
    8:19 “I was luck to finish him off with just one arm.” – Kureha isn’t saying that she took the bear down with one arm; she is saying that she was lucky that she got away with only hurting an arm.”Ude ippon de sunde, wanagara lakki datta yo!”
    9:53 “Konoe-senpai, please say you’ll stay overnight.” – Kureha doesn’t directly say that she wants Subaru to stay overnight; she says to Subaru that she wants her to stay over at her place forever. “Konoe-senpai, kyou to wa iwazu itsumademo tomatteitte kudasai ne!”
    10:40 “I don’t like perverted things.” – Subaru doesn’t directly say that she dislikes perverted things (never mind her hypocrisy), she says that perverted things/people are not good. “Echhi nanowa, ikanai to omoimasu”
    12:49 “Nii-san already died!”- Kureha doesn’t exclaim that Jirou is dead, she is saying that he’ll die too (most likely in comparison to their father). “Nii-san made shinjau!”
    13:42 “…But what did you make?” – Jirou doesn’t know that Subaru made him a meal, so it is improbable that he is asking what she made; “Atte, omai ga tsukutta no ka?” He is obviously asking Subaru if she made it, not its contents.
    14:34 “That girl goes all out when nursing someone” – Kanade doesn’t directly say that Subaru goes all out, she is stating the fact that Subaru does it in the course of being helpful as possible, but oblivious to the fact that that her method/care is too extreme. “Anoko, jibundewa ishoukenmeini kanbyou shiteru tsumori nandakedo, doumo karamawari shichau no yo” Jirou also expands on Kanade’s statement about Subaru’s methods being too extreme in the sentence after.
    15:11 “Because I’m responsible for you…”- Kanade doesn’t say that she is responsible for Jirou, she is saying that Jirou has some responsibility on regards to Subaru’s actions. “Anatanimo sekenin arundakara…”
    15:15 “Responsible?”- Jirou comments on Kanade’s statement about him being responsible, not that she is responsible for him. Correct if the line at 15:11 was the former, but in this cause it should read “Responsibility?”
    16:31 “You won’t warm up if we stay here!” –Subaru doesn’t necessarily say that Jirou will get cold, she is saying that he’ll get a fever if they stay out. “Konna tokoni itara, netsu ga akatte shimau!”
    19:27 “It’s okay. I promised you that I won’t die so easily.” Jirou doesn’t say that he won’t die easily in past tense; he promises that he won’t go down that easily by something like this.
    19:29 “Even though you don’t know it, I don’t disappear that easily.” – Jirou doesn’t oddly state that even if Subaru doesn’t know, Jirou doesn’t intend to disappear easily; he states that he won’t disappear while Subaru doesn’t know he will so. “Omai ga shiranai uchini, inakunattari shinai kara.”
    19:47 “So… You’re fired” – Is this done on purpose? Although Jirou does say that Subaru isn’t working for him no longer, “kaiko” would rather translate to “dismissed”, or “discharged”.
    21:09 “Subaru must be very grateful to have a close classmate other than me.” – kanade highlights the fact it is rare for a person like Subaru to thank others apart from Kanade herself; Kanade doesn’t state that Subaru must be grateful to have a close classmate other than Kanade. “Atashi igai no culasu meitoni “arigatou” nantene…”
    21:14 “However, if she didn’t see it that way, then all of this would have been worthless.” – The error continues through the next section, where Kanade does NOT state that if Subaru didn’t see it the way she does it would have been worthless, but at this point, she states that something like that (when Subaru thanked Jirou) couldn’t be helped when they (Kanade and Subaru) were shown such thing. “Kedo, annano miseraretara, shouganai kamo shirenai wa ne.” The next line clarifies this.
    21:21 “at that time, I desperately persuaded Subaru…” – Error continues. Kanade doesn’t state that SHE desperately persuaded Subaru (as seen obviously in the video, Jirou is the one who talks the most to Subaru), but rather that Jirou persuaded Subaru, and Kanade is previously building up to the fact that Jirou did a good job, and notifying that no wonder Subaru thanked him. “Anotokino, hiishi ni natte, Subaru wo settaku shita anatawa…”
    21:23 “…that you weren’t such a chicken.” – Most likely added through guessulation. As the previous three lines are wrong, this one must have puzzled the translator to why Kanade is stating that Jirou wasn’t so much of a chicken at that time. Kanade is congratulating Jirou in her own way by saying that he is less of a chicken, which she started called him from episode one. “…Chotto dake chiken-yarou ja nakattan damo”
    21:57 “What? Did I rush the kiss?” Kanade isn’t asking the rhetorical question of her kissing Jirou was too sudden, but she is asking why Jirou is getting so flustered just over a kiss. “Nani awateteruno? Kisu guraide…?”
    22:16 “even now, it continues, but it won’t forever.” – Kanade doesn’t state that her love for Subaru continues, as she states that “A first love is a first love” in the previous line. Rather, she says that she loved Subaru, but Kanade states that that doesn’t necessarily mean that she still does. As for “…but it won’t forever” makes sense when put into the statement where Kanade says that a first love is a first love, however, the first section of the line does not congregate the latter with the original line in the video. “Imamo tsuzuiteru to wa, kagiranai ja nai?”
    24:02 “No matter how you look at it, it’s still and order, got it?”- Usami doesn’t state that it’s an order to Jirou that he cannot have what is in her panties, but she states that there is an order to things; meaning that he can’t have it right away. “Ikura nandemo, junjo te yuu monoga arudesho?”

  • Checksum32

    Deleting my comments? I guess the truth cannot be handled here. No use applying then.

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