Blood-C - 02

Blood-C – 02

OP deciphered. Sorry about the delay, and thanks for waiting.

Edit: Updated with BD versions.

720p: Blood-C (2011) [Doki][1280×720 Hi10P BD FLAC]

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480p: Blood-C (2011) [Doki][848×480 h264 BD AAC]

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30 comments to Blood-C – 02

  • aiced

    phew, release at last

    thank you~!

  • DeadHungryMe28

    Sires, how can I get your script without DL-ing the main file? Via SSA file, onegai shimasu.. let me get your script just for this one time, I’m gonna patronize Doki’s next time..

  • Pitchblack

    thank you for the release!

    I was wondering how would be the french part in the OP and I found some errors in the kara 😛

    First, you wrote “J’ai plus rien à croire” this is perfect except that I would have write “I’ve nothing to trust IN any more”

    Second, “juste qu’il y a à voir” makes no sense gramatically and that’s not what the singer says. The singer says “c’est tout ce qu’il y a à voir” and that means <>.

    Third, on the second french sentence, “Parce que je m’attends” makes no sense and that’s still not what the singer says, he says “À quoi je m’attends” and that means <>, the rest is good! ^^

    Thanks 🙂

    • Pitchblack

      I forgot about the html thingies so:

      #1 is “That is all there is to see”
      #2 is “What am I expecting?”

    • Holo

      I have heard various opinions on what the French lines say, and no one seems to agree. I just went with Lenmaer’s version.

      • Pitchblack

        Well, let’s see official lyrics when they get out then ^^

        I’m still confident about it tho 😛

      • Denkou

        Don’t think my opinion mathers (as in it won’t make you change the lyrics until official lyrics), but “J’ai plus rien à croire” can indeed translate into different meanings seeing as how the songs grammar is all over the place anyway (in french at least). (My personal translation: I’ve got nothing to believe anymore)

        “c’est tout ce qu’il y a à voir” is indeed what he says next (or so I hear aswell) Translates the same as pitchblack imo.

        “À quoi je m’attends” is again what he says. (My personal translation: “What I am expecting”.

        All that to say translation can get different meanings based on what the translator is used to see/speak.

    • Dalfa


      I aggre with you for the first and the third part, but for the second part where he says “juste qu’il y a à voir” I heard “S’est dit qu’est ce qu’il y a à voir”. And I think he mean “Je me suis dit, qu’est ce qu’il y a à voir?” which make a little more sense but don’t fit the song, if we get back to the idea he says that he didn’t believe in anything anymore and only trust what he see.

      I think the first problem was the Japanese -> French translation, with the Japanese figure of speech and a word for word translation that was to be expected.

      I’m just saying 😉

      • Paxton

        After some loop on these French sentences what I heard first was “J’ai plus rien à croire, cette vie qu’est-ce qu’il y a à voir.” (that’d roughly translates to “I’ve got nothing to trust any more, what is there to see in this life”) and in second “A quoi je m’attend ? Apocalypse maintenant !” (that’d translate to “What i’m waiting for ? Apocalyspe now ! and that makes sense).

        My two cents, but meh, Japanese really have difficulties pronouncing French :/
        (In case you wonder, yeah I’m French)

  • Nara

    Thanks for the release !

    Holo I’m french and I hear same Pitchblack for the kara .

  • Koishi

    Thanx ^^

    I wonder if i should drop it at episode 3 though =,=”

  • random.guy

    thanks for the release,

    by the way in kara is it really no play no gain, from what i heard its like no pain no gain 🙂

  • macxxx007

    All good! Thanks for the episode and have a good day!

  • evoL

    Thank you very much.

  • sukanime

    btw, is there gonna ep01 v2 with OP Kara?

  • Your current video encoding is based on «Advanced Video Codec Format profile High@L4.2».

    As I have already said at ten days ago, CoreAVC fails to accelerate this video («Blood-C») in DXVA mode on PowerColor HD4670 1GB DDR3 AGP, because (as clearly says) anything higher than L4.1 will play on recent nVidia hardware only.

    I must admit that it was even «High@L5.0» ten days ago (for the previous episode), so the situation is «somewhat improved» now with «High@L4.2», but, unfortunately, yet not improved to the desired point where some DXVA-based acceleration on AMD(ATi) hardware is possible. Anything above 4.1 (even if it is 4.2) means that DXVA mode on AMD(ATi)-based chips cannot be achieved.

    Please take that into account in production of further episodes (and maybe the v2 of the 1st and 2nd episodes, if you’re going to change any karaoke or something else in them) and do not make us tied to a specific hardware vendor (nVidia). I believe Doki group is capable of that, because AVC profiles of several other current releases (first episode of «No. 6», the thirteenth episode of «Kore wa Zombie desu ka») were below the 4.1 level and thus were displayed in DXVA hardware acceleration mode on my HD4670.

    (A usual side note: some blogger at have found a non-conventinal way to play even an L5.0 video on an ATi card, but, unfortunately, without any subtitles — and that’s not an option for an anime release.)

  • Yeah… I’m officially dropping this crap show. It’s set to only be 12 episodes and the first 2 were hard enough to sit through.

  • Torfindra

    Could you please reseed episode 2 1280×720? I’m having no progress at all, it’s still at 0%. Thank you for your help and for subbing this series.

  • Pitchblack

    There is a little typo at 07:14, it should say “in front of you” not “in front you” 😀

  • Pawprint

    It’s been a while since I saw Blood+ and I can’t remember if it started slow and picked up steam, but then it had 51 episodes in which to do so, not 12. This better get going in the next ep….

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