Mayo Chiki! – 02

Mayo Chiki! - 02

Blood-C and loli basketball soon.

HD: [Doki] Mayo Chiki! – 02 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [BCAE256D].mkv


SD: [Doki] Mayo Chiki! – 02 (848×480 h264 AAC) [9AE15B03].mkv


22 comments to Mayo Chiki! – 02

  • Pawprint

    That’s “NBA Lolis,” thank you very much.

  • boingman

    Good, you have your priorities in order. Blood and Loliball can wait. 😀
    Thanks for the release.

  • shani

    Normally I don’t watch many ecchi shows. But I guess I will continue on this. On because Subaru is damn cute!

  • Ecchi show? Meh, oh well, I’ll check it out, regardless, see what’s up.

  • Elvin21

    Thanks! Hope this one will get better as this progresses… NBA lolis next, nice!

  • shani

    Still waiting for Blood-C 🙂

  • Omega

    A funny show, I loled at the boy hahaha..
    Konoe is cute and Kureha <3

  • Crim

    Like Ecchi shows but if the characters aren’t interesting to me I just skip it. After watching the second episode I now see that this show just isn’t my cup of tea. Well, hope others enjoy it.

  • RobertTheAddled

    When choosing new shows to watch – I usually check first if any of the manga is avialable – otherwise If something doesn’t strike me as compelling by the 2nd or third episode, I’ll drop it from my watch list then. Both the Manga and the first two episodes have well captured my attention, and the sitcom-ish style has me watching for plot twists – I anticipated today’s ending – but wasn’t expecting it until next episode. This was an excellent choice and I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.

    • ZeroYuki

      Most of the time anime adapted from ongoing manga will have incomplete conclusions. But I guess the conclusion of an anime doesn’t equate to the overall enjoyment of the plot progression.

  • Imperial_Neko

    So I wonder if anyone found the huge mistake at time index 9:27-9:33. I dunno if it’s a TL error or an editor error, might be a bit of both though.

    The first line in there should be something about being told to hand Jirou the phone, because in the next scene he’s holding the phone. So the 2nd line shouldn’t have “his” in it, but instead “your.”

  • jowny

    the 720p one stops plaing at 10 min wtf lol

  • Flivine

    This anime is getting better compared to épisode one. I hope it’ll continue that way. Personally episode one had kinda a little disgusted me, the part with the girl with long black hair doing bizarre things on Konoe, I really officialy dislike her. But Konoe is so damn cute! *O* I’ll continue watching it. ^^

  • Checksum32

    0:57 “Lady Kanade’s favourite food is… …not what she thinks it is. I’m sure this’ll be interesting.” – The maid isn’t adding the last sentence, as it is the continuation of Kanade’s favourite “dish”.
    3:02 “She’s got me under surveillance…” From the previous name, the word “she” would refer to Subaru, but Kanade is the one who is surveying Jirou. Kanade is also in screen at the time.
    5:50 “For Subaru’s sake” Should be “Can you put Subaru on the phone?” Line: “Subaru ni Kawatte”
    7:35 “You’re paying for everything, even though it’s for your treatment.” Should be “Even though this for your treatment, I ended up enjoying it too much” Line: “Omae no chiryou ni kitanoni, sukkari tanoshinde shimatte”
    9:27 “How is Jurou-kun?” Should be “Can you put Jirou-kun on the phone?” Line: “Jirou-kun ni kawatte”
    9:33 Kanade is saying “How was it? Has his nosebleed stopped yet?” to Jirou himself, speaking to him in 3rd person. Line: “Dou? Mada hanaji wa detenai?”
    9:58 Jirou is not saying “Master!” but rather, he is saying “Uso!” commonly translated to “No way,” or “impossible!” The sign should be separated from the dialogue area.
    10:00 “In reality, serving Milady can be unpleasant at times” – Subaru isn’t exclaiming that she doesn’t like serving Kanade in the line “Hontowa, ojousama igai ni otsukai surunowa iyananda” Rather, she is saying that she doesn’t like serving anyone who isn’t Kanade.
    11:46 “I was worried all morning.” – Doesn’t encompass the fact that Kureha was tailing them. Stranger when conjoined in the next line where Jirou rhetorically asks: “You’ve been tailing us?”
    11: 57 “Could it be that you’re a pervert who likes going out with cross-dressing upperclassmen?” Kureha is directly talking to Subaru, not Jirou. As to Kureha is saying “senpai” she obviously isn’t talking to Jirou, her brother. The line should read “Who knew that you’re a pervert who liked cross dressing, senpai?!”
    12:04-12:09 Again, Kureha isn’t talking to Jirou, but it seems she’s not talking to Subaru either.
    12:13 Line doesn’t have the information that they both are male.
    12:17 Again, Kureha isn’t talking to Jirou. She says that she knew something was strange when you (Subaru) came to pick Ani (brother) up.
    13:08 “That won’t stop Kureha” – Jirou isn’t saying that Subaru’s kick won’t stop her, he is saying that Kureha wouldn’t have stopped unless Subaru didn’t kick her.
    14:40 Kanade’s asking Subaru a question (rhetorical?) not “All will be well, Subaru”
    21:02 Kanade isn’t telling Jirou to “Work hard for this girl”, she is saying that Subaru did her best at the job at hand.

  • LinkenNeo

    Could someone help seed this for a little bit. Been stuck on 99.3% fo a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time now.

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