Recruiting Editors v2 (Closed)

Recruiting editors. You must be available from 6pm onwards (utc/UK time) or in the afternoon -> evening (US time) on Thursdays.

Your level of English should be high (native speaker level). Your job is to turn an Engrishy/clunky/awkward script into fluent/natural English. This means altering the flow of lines so they read better and flow off of the tongue, without changing the overall meaning. Not all translators’ first languages are English and therefore many scripts require extensive editing before they can become release ready.

Send me an email at and join In your email, state your timezone and any info you feel supports your application. Previous experience in fansubbing is not a requirement.

After sending me an email, join Ask for the test. Do the test. Email me with the complete test.

I am looking for dedicated people, those who will stick around for at least a season. Don’t bother if you are going to lose interest in 2 weeks.

Edit: Recruitment is closed again.

To all those who sent me the completed test: I will look at them and email you feedback. Be patient.

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  • xarsus

    what all we should know become editor?

  • LL

    Interested and sent email hope you can help!

  • Darpa

    So wait, is it required to have special programs, or do you just give us a script on a word processor program and have us typeset it into formal speech?

  • Nohta

    @xarsus: I would assume that you need to have great proficiency in the English language and enough drive to dedicate to editing for at least an entire anime season. *points back up at the article*

    If you’ve spent a lot of time learning English (whether it be American or British English (although considering Doki’s background, I’d suppose that British English standards would be the norm)) or you’re like me and grew up in some kind of community where English is the primary language, I would imagine that you’d be set and ready to apply. You’d only have a problem after that if you don’t have a whole lot of spare time or if you’d quickly grow tired of turning an Engrish script into a neat-looking natural English script week-by-week.

    I’d apply for gaining experience in fansubbing, but… I hardly use my free time efficiently as it is (as evidenced by my train-wreck of a sleep schedule). Not only that, but… well, let’s just say that I don’t know if I’d be able to do the job while maintaining the overall meaning of the raw, translated lines. I hardly get any feedback on my prose as it is (and I accidentally let things slip now and again on that stuff anyway); I don’t think I’d be ready for a position like this and the responsibility involved just yet.

    As it stands, it’d probably be easier for me to jump on as a QC (all factors considered, even though I’d still be unable to give a guarantee that my reliability would be good enough for the job), but the article doesn’t mention anything about hiring QCs, so I’ll just continue to stay on the sidelines and support Doki by watching their releases for now.

    On the other hand, if there are any mock tests I could try out, I wouldn’t mind having a go at them. At least then I’d know where I stand.

  • Nohta

    @Darpa: I don’t have any experience in any field in fansubbing, but I’d assume that they’d hand you some form of text document. You would then try to convert the awkward Engrish lines into nice and neat, natural-sounding English lines and send the edited document back to the server (as a separate file, of course; wouldn’t want to overwrite the file with the original translation work in it just in case something goes wrong).

    I’d be amazed if I was anywhere close to being right, though.

    • Meep.

      They will most likely give you the script in .ass format, and you’ll be editing it through Aegisub.

      • Azure_Shockwave

        Not really the case. You can get a script and edit without any special programs via a website. The website alllows you to edit right then and there. Aegisub method is after it’s timed which happens too. Aegisub is pretty easy to use for editting so having no knowledge isn’t much of a problem.

  • Whatever the case, I hope one does get some context or reference from the show. Don’t want to get too liberal.

  • Swordkirby

    So, will I be needing a program to create subtitles? Or are you going to give us the literal translation and have us rewrite the sentence to create the same meaning?

  • Zdm321

    Basically, editing can take place either before or after timing. If you edit before timing (typical in speedsubbed shows), you will directly edit a text document on a site called etherpad (think multiplayer notepad).

    If a show gets timed before you edit (typical in slowsubs and BDs), you’ll need to download and install Aegisub (which Akashic linked above). In Aegisub, all you have to do is load the subtitles file, click on the line, make your changes in the dialog box, and hit commit. You can even load the video into Aegisub so you can watch while you edit!

  • Pawprint

    Screw the editing; I’m interested in this loli-in-a-box promotion you apparently have going on. Please send details.

  • polke

    I am interested in trying this out, but I am currently attending summer session, and soon, college will start.

  • randomName

    Completely off topic,

    Can Doki start adding open trackers to their torrents? Many of the older Doki torrents are effectively dead, because the tracker used then is no longer around.

    There are a few people (obviously me included) who manually add open trackers to their torrents, so occasionally those old near death torrents get a seeder or two, but, it’s somewhat rare.

    Here’s the announce urls of the ones I know about:

    The more trackers the better chance something will have a seed in a year or two.

    • Zdm321

      We do include publicbt and openbittorrent trackers on all of our torrents.
      Some of the older torrents are dead not because of a tracker issue, but because of a hosting issue (the .torrent files themselves are gone).
      If you still have the .torrent, however, you should be able to connect to the backup trackers fine (but there’s no guarantee that there will be any new seeds/peers).

  • CyberOpus

    I wish I had seen this earlier on. This would have been perfect for me to spend my time on. πŸ™‚

  • crazykaran94

    If you ever need a person to do this in the future I would be happy to do it. I have lots of free time since i’m good with getting work done quick during any time of the year. I have also been using that program for .ass right now as a side project since i have too much time on my hands.

  • Kel

    With the amount of staff listed, I’m surprised that some series seem to have stalled/been dropped (especially considering the “no drop” policy). Like Seitokai Yakuindomo. I noticed that show seemed to just drop off the radar. Shuffle also. Even the Haruhi batches & English audio is missing.

    Is everything going ok?

    • Zdm321

      SYD happens to be stalled at TLC at the moment (TLCer just doesn’t have much free time anymore), and shows like Shuffle faced some timing challenges.

      • Kel

        I’m not a fan of SYD, but it really is odd that it just dropped off the map with no explanation. And worse, for over a year. I hope it’s not a harbinger of things to come. I understand sometimes releases are slow, but I never would’ve expected a delay of a year and no explanation. I appreciate all that is done though.

        • Akashic

          The staff list is unrelated to the speed of shows really. Each individual show has a different team. The speed at which that show is released relies on them as a whole.

          Examples like Shuffle relate to a complete team change, meaning things went somewhat south and had to be reworked.

          There’s really nothing to be worried about.

  • Mango

    Do you need to know Japanese

  • Meep.

    Ouch, looks like nobody passed the test? I’d help, but I’m busy enough as it is and am already spending my “fansubbing time” editing and QCing for another group.

    About the Japanese question, you don’t really need to know Japanese to edit…but it really would help if you had some basic knowledge. It’s just a huge plus being able to tell whether or not your fixes change the meaning of the line. It also makes it easier to split lines where it makes sense.

    I don’t mean to intimidate anyone from applying to help Doki, it’s just that from my own experiences, I’ve noticed a lot of “subpar” people, not as an insult but for the lack of a better word, apply for the editing position because it sounds the easiest. I mean, why not? We all “know” English. I find it’s actually a lot easier to put new people in the QC position, where they can get the hang of things, and then use them to fill in the editor positions when they’re ready.

    • Zdm321

      It’s not that nobody has passed, it’s just that Holo likes to recruit a bunch of people at once. Reason being is that some new recruits disappear after a few weeks, or turn out to not be as good as we originally thought.
      So the idea is to recruit a bunch of people, see who’s left after a few weeks, and see if their performance remains consistently high.

  • Burning_Man

    *Deep breath*

    Okay. I want to help. But I have some huge timezone issues on my end.

    I am at GMT +5.30. Which means UTC evening is midnight for me. Also, my college, from where I access the internet, has an annoying habit of shutting off the internet from 18:30 to 23:30 (UTC) before every work day, i.e Sunday through Thursday.

    Should I bother applying?

  • Jack

    I was wondering how long a single session could be expected to take(for the editor, that is). I’m interested in applying, but I can’t imagine enjoying editing if each session lasts an inordinate amount of time. I’ll refrain on posting what I view as an inordinate amount of time, however. πŸ˜‰

    ((Also, what degree of choice would there be as to which show one could edit? If I could choose to edit a show I had less interest in, I imagine I’d be more inclined to stick it out.))

    • Meep.

      It really depends on what show you’re editing. I’ve edited Gintama before, and each episode would take an eternity. I’d say you could safely put away an hour for each episode. I’ve never actually checked the clock, so I can’t say for sure…

    • Pawprint

      I’m somewhat of a slowpoke, possibly due to a bit of perfectionism (which doesn’t mean I get it perfect, just that I try!), and it generally takes me about 2 hours to edit a 24-minute show. I would venture a guess that most people would be quicker than that, so consider that a worst-case scenario.

    • Pawprint

      I didn’t notice the second part of your question until after I replied. Depending on our current needs, we generally put new people on Blu-Ray releases and not airing shows, or at least that’s how it was when I joined. I can’t honestly speak to the current need at the moment, because I’m kind of lazy and don’t pay attention…!

      Rest assured that this is a volunteer organization and that you will not be forced to do anything. Holo may try to guilt-trip/puppy-dog-eye you into something or trick you by implying that some stupid OVA will have boobs, but you can decline anything. I would assume you’re applying to Doki because you know we are doing/will do a show or two that you personally enjoy, so it’s doubtful there will be nothing for you to do.

      Of course, sometimes you gotta be quick! When it was announced (internally) that we were doing Ro-Kyu-Bu! a group of us lolicons filled up the positions within like 20 seconds. I kid you not.

  • AntAce

    This is probably a silly question: I’m interested in applying for the position, but how do you join

    I’m new to the whole IRC thing.

  • nightmare

    Wow, most of the potential applicants posting here are whiney bitches.

  • crazykaran94

    Will everyone who took the test get some kind of message or only the chosen prople? Also, when i took the test and finished it, there was space in the file name to put your name but what kind of name do you put?

  • Sublyminal


    Most likely your real name, either that, or your pseudonym.

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