No. 6 – 02

No. 6 - 02

Interesting show.

HD: [Doki] No. 6 – 02 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [0510319F].mkv


SD: [Doki] No. 6 – 02 (848×480 h264 AAC) [0A4612BC].mkv


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  • Warmas

    OP < indeed ^^

  • Netsi

    thanks so much πŸ˜€ I will spread the love

  • ayane

    Thank you. I just re-watched episode 1 and was hoping for episode 2 to be up when I entered the Doki URL. This show is fucking mystifying. Your efforts are appreciated.

    Also, dramatic snowball during the ED > all. ‘Nuff said.

  • Thanks for 1 episode Usagi Drop and No. 6, I like your Subs. ^^

  • Strawberry

    Dam guy why didn’t he say yes. Does he prefer the dude instead. Weak lol

  • Tal

    I noticed that HorribleSubs’ 720p files for this series are all in the mid-200 megabyte range whereas Doki’s 720p files are all in the mid-400 megabyte range. I was wondering if you could tell me what the reason for such a large discrepancy in file size is? Is it because Doki’s encodes are less compressed? Is it because HorribleSubs’ videos aren’t true 720p? I’m only asking because it’d be nice to be able to fit more than 9 episodes per DVD+R if it can be done at no cost, but if there’s a real cost involved (like worsened playback quality or diminished multi-platform support) then I understand Doki’s decision to go with a larger encoded product.

    • Zdm321

      No. 6 has a bunch of dark scenes. In order to keep the video quality consistent throughout the episode, more bitrate is needed for those dark scenes, which results in a larger file size.

      I haven’t checked CR/HS’s No6 video, but if their Steins;Gate release is anything to go by (which also has a lot of dark scenes), they probably have a lot of banding as well.

    • HorribleSubs releases straight CrunchyRoll rips. The only thing they change is the subtitle styling.
      CrunchyRoll is a semi-free streaming service for anime. As such they have to pay quite a bit for bandwidth and limit the size of all their episodes as result. Video quality is usually somewhere between barely passable and eye cancer bad. Avoid them whenever possible.
      In most regions of the Earth HDDs are also now cheaper storage mediums than DVDs. You might want to consider going with the time and investing in a 2TB external. Where I live they only cost around half of what DVDs cost (on the GB). Uses the leftover money to buy a player that can display files from an USB connection on your TV, if so inclined.

      Anyway, now I only have to find time to watch this episode and all will be well. πŸ˜›

      • Tal

        I use both HDD backups and optical disc backups. =P A, it’s smart to have more than one backup of the same file. Redundancy is key to not losing data in the long term. B, I feel it’s good to use different tech modalities rather than the same tech modality for each copy of the backup. That way, when one modality fails for any reason — passage of time, exposure to certain elements, etc — you can hope that the other one has not failed via that same modality. To give an example, “OMG FREAK NEODYMIUM MAGNET DROPPED ONTO MY ARCHIVES!” HDD backup screwed, optical disc backup not screwed. To give perhaps a more realistic example, “Oh shit, power surge killed my hard drive. Going to be a pain in the ass to regain access to this data. But look! I have the exact same data here on these DVD+Rs.”

        Thanks anyway.

  • Home_Despot

    gg just dropped this today, unwillingly. You are now “No. 6 Central”

  • Home_Despot

    @Holo: Someone is messing with Coalgirl –logging on and leaving messages in her name on her site and messing with her nyaa access. Just random pranks I guess, but it forced her to move her site to a new address today. If passwords haven’t been changed or back-ups made at Doki lately, it’s worth considering. Maybe it’s just a grudge against Coalgirl. Maybe it’s a former site operator whose gone a little nuts and wants to mess with everyone. Maybe it’s something else. I expect you’re prepared already against jerks, but I thought I’d mention it anyway. Don’t want you to have to waste time on such nonsense.

  • ilovelolis

    idolmaster where

  • Dusk252

    I know you guys use CR subs, but could you, by any chance, change the translations of Nezumi’s name? I mean, it’s a name, it’s kinda stupid that it shows up as Rat everytime. Even though it’s the correct translation, I believe names shouldn’t be translated and it really bothers me. And I don’t think I’m the only one who has this problem.

    • Zdm321

      We don’t use CR subs for No. 6.

    • Thaerin

      I’d like to put a rest to this once and for all. It is NOT his true name. It is a name that he chose for himself. The name is regarded as strange by Shion, accenting its abnormality. Further consider that he is a fugitive and rejects the system he was born into. This isn’t a case of, “He said his name was Nezumi, so his name is Nezumi.” It is a typical pseudonym and should be treated as such.

      Not having the discretion to decide what is proper translation vs. blind localisation is what discerns a logical TL from an illogical one. Why do people who don’t understand Japanese and have no knowledge of what goes into a translation insist on nitpicking a name? Even gg agreed that there is no reason to not translate the “name” prior to dropping the show, and their TL that was on the project is heavily acquainted with the novel (you know, the original work).

      We do NOT use CR subs for this. We use MY translation, which is as correct as I can possibly make it.

      Any further inquiries into the TL of “Nezumi” for this show will be directed to this post. My handling of this issue will not change. Please reallocate your time and concerns into learning Japanese and helping the community strengthen its releases.

  • evoL

    Thank you very much!!

  • evoL

    Thank you very much!

  • qwertyuiop

    uhhh? Well this one is really interesting. Hope this one will not go all the way in becoming a Yaoi. *nosebleed*

    No I’m not a Fudanshi hahahaha! can anyone please convince me?

  • Kit-Tsukasa

    12:27: We can’t let doubt so much as cross our lips…

    something sounds terribly wrong in the sentence…but maybe that’s just me.

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