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Seto no Hanayome (BD) - Batches

Seto no Hanayome

Finally, Seto no Hanayome is complete. Thanks to gg and m.3.3.w. for their scripts. Batch contains OVAs.


  • Episode 1: ED kara fixed (te no hira).
  • Episode 2: ED kara fixed (te no hira).
  • Episode 7: ED kara fixed (synced).

Patch for HD: Download

Patch only necessary if you want to go from v1 -> v2. Not necessary if you are downloading the batch.

HD (h264): Seto no Hanayome (2007) [Doki][1280×720 h264 BD FLAC]

Torrent | XDCC | Scripts

SD (XviD): Seto no Hanayome (2007) [Doki][848×480 XviD BD MP3]

Torrent | XDCC | Scripts

89 comments to Seto no Hanayome (BD) – Batches

  • Eyke

    thank you very much for this, i watched this show 5 times allredy before i iven heard of bd’s now i’m gonna watch it over and over ur the best

    quesion: do i need to download the patches also if this is the first time i’m downloading the batch?

  • Eyke

    oh thx ur a god il get my goat some canddles and il worship you xD

  • Erilex

    Thank you! I never finished watching this fantastic series back in the day because only the godawful YOURMOM subs were available for the last few episodes. Time to fix that.

    • B1

      @Erilex – I’m exactly the same. Something tells me that after four years, I’d better start at ep. 1 again.

      Big thanks to doki for their epic struggle to not only get the complete series to us, but to do so in the best quality possible, and a thank you to gg and m.3.3.w. for their efforts in the past.

      Today is a good day.

  • Lazybum

    Fileserve for the Xvid is broken

  • Replica

    You beautiful beautiful people.

    Thank you.

  • Kamirei

    Thanks! I haven’t watched this one, i better get started πŸ˜€
    Any news about Motto To LOVE-Ru (BD) – Vol 6?

  • woods

    Thank you ever so much!
    *Finally* a proper version of Seto no Hanayome.

  • asd

    Can I ask you something too? What about the progress of the other 9001 BD projects: To LOVE-Ru, Seikon no Qwaser, Dragon Crisis!, Asobi ni Iku yo!, Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?

    • Holo

      MTLR: waiting for kokus for encodes of vol 6
      Qwaser: me to release 16
      DC: ixlone is working on the next vol
      Asobi: Jecht will release Vol 6 soon hopefully
      Zombie: Vol 2 @ release and Vol 3 @ download BDMV

      • dasco144

        Mind if ask about Haruhi? Been waiting patiently for your 1080p release as I know it will be the best quality.

        PS: I remember reading about having a problem with the English audio patch for the 1080p releases, did you guys come right with that?

  • luke

    thanks a lot for this guys! we finally have Seto complete, and its all thanks to you! thanks again =D

  • dasco144

    Ty for patches!

  • Anonymous

    Do you know how/if your OVAs are better than Seto Otaku’s? I don’t want to waste everyones bandwidth if it isn’t worth replacing them.

  • Gyzome

    “About time”? lol πŸ˜€

    Glad this finally got done :p

  • vayne

    thanks guys i download the torrent from tokyotosho but it dont download now i download from the web and download very good

  • Athrun

    no fix for the audio issue in episode 16? ah well , ill try to redownload the whole episode and see if its any difference

    • Athrun

      nope , the audio/video desync problem still persists in episode 16

      • Holo

        It’s the heavy typesetting. Turn off the subtitles, and see if that helps

        • Athrun

          loaded the episode in vlc instead of mpc and turned off the subs , worked like a charm

          silly really , cause when watching the episode in mpc afterwards it still stutters a bit but not nearly as much as it did before

          thanks for the tip Holo

  • Pitchblack

    typos on the release changelog. “Episdoe 2” and “Episdoe 7” ^^

  • papsi

    Finally something worth downloading. Thank you for finishing this!

  • anon

    I just finished watching episode 26, and I must say, what a great and beautiful ending for an awesome show.

    Last but not least, I must thank you guys for this awesome job bringing us this show with the quality it has always deserved.

  • Otakus

    woooooooooooohhhh!!!! finally, seto no hanayome has been completed by a SINGLE fansubber!!!!!!!

  • Lawlzium

    HAHA. I loved this anime when it first aired, and it’s still one of my favorites. Was quite disappointed to see the subs all scattered and the OVA torrents gone when I wanted to archive it though, so I can’t thank you enough!

  • a

    Can you give a bit more explanation on exactly which episodes use which of the two groups’ scripts? And whether they’ve been edited?

    Are you using the original scripts by gg back when they did eps like 1 to 21 or whatever before they became major faggots? Do eps 21+ or whatever use their new, dumb and bad scripts?


  • CP

    Thanks heaps. I DL this ages ago, but held back watching due to the quality of the available subs.

  • Riku

    Thanks a lot.
    But what about the picture drama and the 6 new mini specials that were made for the Blu-Ray release?
    You didn’t do them.

  • Blah00

    First of all, thanks for this, finally a good version of Seto to archive/rewatch.

    I downloaded all of the episodes from FS, but I’m getting crc errors on these two files.

    [Doki] Seto no Hanayome – 03 (1280×720 h264 BD FLAC) [7C070300]


    [Doki] Seto no Hanayome – 26 (1280×720 h264 BD FLAC) [8E3545C0]

    Can anyone confirm for me please if I’m the only one? Are these the correct CRCs? I’m going to re-download and see if my download manager timed out or something, the file sizes seem to match… 498MB/592MB


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