Clannad After Story (BD) - Vol 4

ο»ΏClannad After Story (BD) – Vol 4

Episode 16 will use editions. By default is the edition without the ED, because let’s face it, after that happens, you really don’t want to hear an upbeat ED, do you?

Edition 2 will play the file as normal. Just note, The ED sequence is present in the file, but just “hidden” in edition 1. That means, I did not cut it out of the episode.

If enough people disagree with my use of editions, I will remove it in the batch.

I will release Volume 5 on Thursday, then I will begin the encoding of Lucky Star while working on Haruhi. Haruhi will be complete next week. The week after, I will release Lucky Star.

1080p (h264, FLAC 5.1): [Doki] Clannad After Story – Vol 4 (1920×1080 h264 BD FLAC)

  • [Doki] Clannad After Story – 16 (1920×1080 h264 BD FLAC) [35C4CDB8].mkv
  • [Doki] Clannad After Story – 17 (1920×1080 h264 BD FLAC) [313B9868].mkv
  • [Doki] Clannad After Story – 18 (1920×1080 h264 BD FLAC) [E7B352F4].mkv
  • [Doki] Clannad After Story – 19 (1920×1080 h264 BD FLAC) [A83E77B6].mkv
  • [Doki] Clannad After Story – 20 (1920×1080 h264 BD FLAC) [5DD44100].mkv


720p (h264, AAC 5.1): [Doki] Clannad After Story – Vol 4 (1280×720 h264 BD AAC)

  • [Doki] Clannad After Story – 16 (1280×720 h264 BD AAC) [5A42355A].mkv
  • [Doki] Clannad After Story – 17 (1280×720 h264 BD AAC) [461847FA].mkv
  • [Doki] Clannad After Story – 18 (1280×720 h264 BD AAC) [1556BCB5].mkv
  • [Doki] Clannad After Story – 19 (1280×720 h264 BD AAC) [08A7071B].mkv
  • [Doki] Clannad After Story – 20 (1280×720 h264 BD AAC) [55AABE30].mkv


480p (h264): [Doki] Clannad After Story – Vol 4 (848×480 h264 BD AAC)

  • Later


237 comments to Clannad After Story (BD) – Vol 4

  • hanfgnu2k

    As long as I can play it in XBMC and it’s not that Windows(Haali)-only crap again I don’t care. Ordered chapters/segment linking already are a major pain in the ass with those lazy and good for nothing ffmpeg devs refusing to support it.

  • Tal

    >I agree partially. The use of editions is approved by a majority

    Ehhhh… I’d hesitate to make any judgments about which is actually a more popular course of action until we saw numbers in an actual poll. Especially since I got the dead opposite impression from yours when I read this thread! (Seemed to me like the naysayers had a clear majority. And I don’t mean the party that said “you can do editions but just please have the original be the default,” I mean the people that clearly said “don’t !@#$ around with editions.”)

    This is precisely why a by-the-numbers poll would be useful.

  • Holo

    There’s your poll.

    • Tal

      Nah, there’s YOUR poll. πŸ™‚ I suspect it will help you guys out the most.

      But yeah, cool to see you took the suggestion seriously. Let’s see how people vote!

  • Hensomm

    I think i am going to have to go with V3, it does seem like it fits better

    • Rokudaime

      I voted the first option, but I’m fine with the second one too, as long as it’s only for episode 16 and 21 (having to turn the ED on for every episode in order to be able to see it would be a bit of a pain…though I suppose I can live with it…). Obviously option 3 is fine too, as that’s how it usually is anyway.

  • MaSaKa

    Wow… respect about the uploading that was quite fast… or am I dreaming? Anyway thank you 100 times again ^^

  • hrimthurs

    Only a little more until my Clannad HD collection is complete d(>o<)b
    Now if only Toradora had a BD release… Maybe someday.

    • Perfect Chaos

      I heard that they are planning a Toradora! BD release that includes an additional, never-before-seen epilogue (not known if it’ll be written by the original author or not). There’s no date set, yet, so it’s still in the “someday” category, I guess.
      But then again, I’m not very assured regarding the source of the news, and I haven’t seen any mention of this officially, so I’m still kind of skeptic.

  • Boku no Schooldays na Kanojo

    I for one would like one without the new edition with ED cut out, since you can just skip it by yourself if you feel like it. And lets face it, if we cared as much about filesizes as to want stuff cut out of the episodes we wouldnt be watching 1080p to begin with.

  • Kel

    My vote is to keep the default edition with the ending out. But if it’s such a hard split, why not just release 2 versions, one with the default ending off, one with the default ending in?

  • Omega

    I don’t get this fight about editions at all…

    More Ushio cuteness!

  • John

    how to change the ed btw…
    sorry, newbie here >.<

    • Leon-Gun

      You have to right click 1 of the codec icons that show up when you open the episode. Then select the one you want. I’m a little sleepy at the moment so do forgive me for not being too detailed.

      • John

        Dont Worry, explain in detail later after you fresh wake up πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

        i still not understand tho @_@

        + im using XMBC as my player.

        thanks you ^_^v

  • Nymphetamine2791

    Thanks for the release, rewatching this with the new HD releases always give me something to look forward to when I’m not busy :).

    Ep. 18 = :____)

  • causal1ty

    Why the hell are 21% of people refusing the idea of Editions altogether? It’s not like it hurts them for them to be there if the default is the original version.

    • Kanojo

      because apparently 21% of anime fans are retarded and so technically challanged that they can’t even grasp the concept

      • Tal

        That’s not necessarily true. Instead of being condescending about it, consider this: the people voting against editions may be either:
        (1) against Doki finagling with editions as a matter of principle or
        (2) against editions because they believe that incorporation of editions will break the files on their setups

        This is not an entirely baseless fear. Some have already replied to this thread voicing their concerns that similar video file modifications have broken the files in their media setups.

        If you want editions, vote for them. But don’t begrudge those who don’t with trite insults.

        Current figures:
        pro editions, anti defaulting to the edit = 51%
        anti editions = 27%
        pro editions, pro defaulting to the edit = 22%

        More people would rather Doki not even toy around with encode geekery than do and default to an edited state. Instead of making baseless insults, try considering their POV.

        Regardless, these preliminary figures certainly suggest that:
        (1) editions are popular/acceptable to the majority but that
        (2) defaulting to an edited state is not

        But it’s only been one day. lol Let’s see what the month brings.

  • Rokudaime

    “I will release Volume 5 on Thursday, then I will begin the encoding of Lucky Star while working on Haruhi. Haruhi will be complete next week. The week after, I will release Lucky Star”.

    Sounds great. Glad to finally get some news on the status of Haruhi. ; ) I’m still wondering about SHUFFLE! though. And Haruhi-chan for that matter.

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