A Channel – 06

A Channel – 06

I have no idea why the filesize is so erratic.

Also, exams -> delays, so be patient. Things will return to normal speed in 2 weeks.

720p: [Doki] A Channel - 06 (1280x720 h264 AAC) [1A840D66].mkv

Torrent Dead | XDCC

480p: [Doki] A Channel - 06 (848x480 h264 AAC) [8724930B].mkv

Torrent Dead | XDCC

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  • shiroverse


    thanks thanks thanks..!

  • shiroverse

    hmmmmm, maybe the video bitrate?

  • Elvin21

    Just get focused on the exams, after that is freedom… hehehe! Thanks! 🙂

  • Jintan

    Wow. The size is so cute. XD


  • billborden

    Good luck on finals, we will wait (semi-)patiently for normality to be restored.
    Thanks for all the work!

  • ShiroKen

    Regarding the filesize, there is a very simple reason why it can vary so much from one episode to another. Basically how video compression works is that first, a full frame is stored called an I-frame, which is basically like a jpg image.

    Subsequent frames (P frames and B frames) only store what has changed since the previous frame in order to save space (think of it like photshop layers where instead of storing a whole image, you can just have something that is to be applied to the base image). When you play back the file, the video starts with the I-frame, and the P and B frames differences are applied to the initial frame in real time.

    In videos with a lot of static scenes or low motion, there is usually very little difference between the frames, so the size of the P and B frames are typically very low. Imagine a static image of a character talking, generally only the mouth moves and maybe the eyes, which in comparison to the whole frame isn’t much at all, and that is all that is stored by P and B frames.

    In anime with a lot of action, or for OP/ED sequences for example, there is usually a lot happening from frame to frame. This causes there to be a big difference between the last frame and the next, so more actual image data must be stored by the P and B frames. A good example of this is the zoom sequence in the Nichijou OP.

    Also, scenes changes tend to force new I-frames (since the content is completely different to the last frame and is usually very difficult or inefficient to use P or B frames and store the changes), and this sometimes happens during normal use too if what’s going on screen varies too much from frame to frame (eg explosions).

    There are a couple of other things that affect compressability too. One of them is sharpness of the image. The sharper an image is, the more high frequency coefficients it will have, and those require a more data to store than low frequencies. It’s similar with audio, that’s why at low bitrates, the first thing to suffer are the high frequencies such as cymbals.

    The other thing is noise. Noise affects compressability on two counts. The first is related to the last point because it usually contains lots of high frequencies, but also because it’s random. Since it’s random the content on a frame to frame basis is hugely different and although the actual image may be still, the noise that varies from frame to frame will cause the codec to treat it as a scene with a lot of motion frame sizes to baloon.

    Filesize is basically affected by how much motion there is in an episode and it can have a huge bearing on filesize. Filesize alone does not dictate quality, so don’t be put off by low filesizes. Some shows simply have less motion and therefore require less data to reach the same quality level.

  • I’m all for small filesizes! Stupid Australia and their stupid bandwidth caps.

    Also stupid C and their useless use of CGI bumping up the filesize.

    • Nanakoto

      another person who understands my pain~

    • Pitchblack

      Well then I’ll say it too…, Stupid Canada and their stupid bandwidth caps. =/

      • Chris

        Wha? bandwidth caps here in Canada? o.O
        I’ve never experienced any issues regarding bandwidth caps and I pretty much live on the net…I play MMOs, download countless stuff and stream music and videos and I’ve had no problems. It might be because of your ISP

  • Spincast

    Thanks for the release!

  • I don’t care about the delays. Just get your finals out of the way. Gotta keep dem priorities in check, ya know.

  • Anonymous

    Nichijou when

  • odi

    16:06: “We’re going stop by the bathroom” should have a “to” in there.

  • galactickid2

    Verb continuity at 10:05, it’d been -> it would’ve been.

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