Banner Competition: Summer Edition!

1 link to a banner per reply.

And here are the technical criteria for the submitted banners:

  • 1240px x 250px
  • .jpg or .png (preferred)
  • Filesize should be reasonable.

And here are the criteria for characters/shows:

  • Character(s) should be female.
  • Banner must be SFW. No nudity/genitalia/hentai/etc.
  • Character(s) should come from a show that Doki has done/is doing/plans to do. This includes the wishlist.
  • The banner should include the words “Doki Fansubs” somewhere on it.

Good luck.

Some excellent banners! Just some advice, the best banners not only has good design, but the logo “Doki Fansubs” also “fits” the banner, ie, it doesn’t stand out. I’ll keep this open til the weekend, i think. Keep them coming!

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